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Stand Pouch ABOUT US

America Digital Accessories Corp was established in 2004, a US-based company with office and warehouse facilities in Irwindale, CA and Hong Kong. Our products are manufactured in factories with ISO9002 certified. Weprovides over 800 products, including the accessories line especially for:

* Digital Camera/Camcorder batteries & battery chargers; Filters, Lens Caps, Lens Hoods, Lens Adapters; Cases/Bags; Tripods
* Power Tool and Vacuum Cleaner batteries & chargers; Vacuum Cleaner filters/Brushes
* Two Way Radio Batteries & Universal Chargers; Headsets/Earpieces; Antennas
* Notebook Batteries & Universal AC adapters; Cases/Bags; USB Card Readers
* Iphone/ipod/iPad/Blackberry/other PDA replacement battery & external portable battery chargers; Cases/Holsters
*USB AC Adapters; Travel AC Adapters
* Rechargeable AA/AAA/9V batteries & Chargers
* Solar Powered external battery chargers/Pannels
* Solar Garden Lights/Stakes; Solar Camping Lights
* LED flash lights for Bicycle, LED Armbands

We currently own distribution rights to brand names: Maximal Power, Stand Pouch, Digi Case, and Beats.

Maximal Power

high quality Batteries and Chargers with CE, UL, ROHS certificates.
Quality, value, and performance are signature traits instantly recognized by our growing legion of loyal customers. From our high performance batteries (industry leading capacity/usage time) to our one of a kind rapid charging universal digital camera battery chargers, our R&D team is constantly at work for our customers.

Stand Pouch

Patented breakthrough, it is the first ever fully integrated case and tripod system. No external attachments are ever required. Within seconds, the Standpouch case instantly transforms from being a protective case, to a fully functional tripod!


Sparing no costs, our full line of cases is designed for maximum protection and style. Underneath each adorning design are hard EVA plastics and Neoprene possessing industry leading tolerance against vibrations and knocks. Stylish and sleek, each case includes a neck and belt strap for convenient carrying.


beats Caller ID Watch acts like your mobile phone on your wrist to alert you of all incoming calls and mobile phone lost alert. You can transfer the phone book in your mobile phone to your Beats Octopus Caller ID Watch via Bluetooth. When there is incoming call, your Watch will vibrate and show the telephone number and callers picture that has been saved in your Watch. You will also be alerted when new SMS message arrives your mobile phone with a discreet vibration on your Watch. With the Beats Octopus Caller ID Watch, you will never miss a call. Beats Caller ID Watch also alerts you when the Bluetooth connection with your mobile phone is lost. Thus, you will never lose your mobile phone with your Beats Caller ID Watch on your wrist.

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