4 Pack Washable/Reusable Wet/Dry Mopping Pads for iRobot® Braava Jet 240

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New MaximalPower replacement mop pads


Pads are 100% compatible with original manufacturer equipment.

Reusable pads for triple-pass cleaning of dirt and stains, washable and reusable. Can be washed up to 50 times before replacing 

Uses water only, contains no detergents.  

Designed to clean well-sealed floors such as hardwood, tile, and stone.

Quantity: Pack of 4

SKU# 1707x4

Works with:

iRobot® Braava Jet 240 Series

Replaces OEM part numbers: 4475783.


  • Tested in wet mode on dried coffee and soda.
  • Do not wash with delicates.
  • Tested in washing machine. 
  • Pads are considered consumable items. The number of cleaning cycles can vary greatly depending on usage.