Replacement Camera Battery for Canon BP-512


New MaximalPower™ Replacement Battery for:

  • CANON BP-512 Camera Batteries


  • New MaximalPower™ brand battery.
  • Battery Type: Li-ion.
  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment.
  • Absolutely no memory effect so that you can charge battery at anytime.
  • Integrated microchip prevents overcharging & lengthens battery life!
  • Capacity: 7.4v  2200mAh (Will NOT affect battery compatibility)
  • Quantity: 1
  • SKU#0239

Works in the following devices:

Canon MV Series

  • MV100Xi
  • MV300, MV 300, MV-300
  • MV300i, MV 300i, MV-300i, 300i
  • MV30i, MV 30i, MV-30i, 301i  
  • MV400, MV 400, MV-400
  • MV400i, MV 400i, MV-400i, 400i
  • MV430i, MV 430i, MV-430i, 430i
  • MV450i, MV 450i, MV-450i, 450i
  • MV500, MV 500, MV-500
  • MV500i, MV 500i, MV-500i, 500i
  • MV530i, MV 530i, MV-530i, 530i
  • MV550i, MV 550i, MV-550i, 550i
  • MV590, MV 590, MV-590 
  • MV600, MV 600, MV-600
  • MV600i, MV 600i, MV-600i, 600i 
  • MV630i, MV 630i, MV-630i, 630i
  • MV650i, MV 650i, MV-650i, 650i
  • MV700, MV 700, MV-700 
  • MV700i, MV 700i, MV-700i, 700i
  • MV730i, MV 730i, MV-730i, 730i
  • MV750i, MV 750i, MV-750i, 750i
  • MVX100i, MV X100i, X100i
  • MVX150i, MV X150i, X150i 
  • MVX1i, MV X1i, X1i 
  • MVX2i, MV X2i, X2i 
  • MVX3i, MV X3i, X3i 
  • MVXli, MV Xli, Xli

Canon ZR Series

  • ZR-10, ZR10
  • ZR-20, ZR20 
  • ZR-25MC, ZR25MC
  • ZR-30MC, ZR30MC
  • ZR-40, ZR40 
  • ZR-40A, ZR40A 
  • ZR-45, ZR45 
  • ZR-45MC, ZR45MC 
  • ZR-50, ZR50 
  • ZR-50MC, ZR50MC
  • ZR-60, ZR60
  • ZR-65MC, ZR65MC
  • ZR-70MC, ZR70MC
  • ZR-80, ZR80
  • ZR-85, ZR85 
  • ZR-90, ZR90

Canon Optura

  • Optura 10 
  • Optura 100MC, Optura 100 MC
  • Optura 20 
  • Optura 200MC, Optura 200 MC
  • Optura 50MC, Optura 50 MC
  • Optura Pi 
  • Optura Xi 

Canon EOS 

  • EOS-10D, 10D
  • EOS-1D, 1D
  • EOS-5D, 5D
  • EOS-20D, 20D
  • EOS-30D, 30D
  • EOS-40D, 40D
  • EOS-50D, 50D
  • EOS-300D, 300D
  • EOS-D30, D30
  • EOS-D60, D60
  • EOS-Digital Rebel, EOS Digital Rebel


  • FV100
  • FV200
  • FV30
  • FV300 KIT
  • FV300
  • FV40 KIT
  • FV40
  • FVM1
  • FVM10


  • PowerShot G1 
  • PowerShot G2 
  • PowerShot G2 
  • PowerShot G3 
  • PowerShot G5 
  • PowerShot G5 Pro 
  • PowerShot G6 
  • PowerShot Pro1 
  • PowerShot Pro90 IS

Replaces the following OEM part numbers:

  • CANON BP-512


  • Please FULLY CHARGE your rechargeable batteries before first use. When in doubt, leave your batteries to charge overnight (8 hours) to ensure a full charge.
  • Please FULLY CYCLE your Li-ion batteries (fully charge, then fully discharge them) at least once before regular use. To discharge your battery, please simply use the battery in your device as normal, but do not recharge your battery until it is complete discharged and your device no long operates.
  • Please FULLY CHARGE your batteries a SECOND TIME after completing a cycle. Once this second charging is complete, you may now use and/or charge your batteries as much or as little as needed, all without fear of creating a memory.
  • DO NOT full charge your Li-ion batteries before storing them for long periods of time. Discharge them close to half a charge first.