Compact Flash Memory Card Holder

Provide ultimate protection for your SD and CF memory cards while you move around with this tough, black, waterproof JJC MC-2 Memory Card Holder! Featuring a snug rubber interior to keep each card secure, this slim and slick case holds up to 8 SDs and 4 CFs safe and sound. Don't let rain or rough handling let ruin your memories - so grab this little mini case today and keep your cards secure! Ideal for all SD and CF memory cards.

Protect your SD and CF Memory Cards from damage while traveling.

Fully waterproof, protecting your memory cards from rain or water.

Rugged hard plastic protects your memory cards from being crushed.

Rubber inner mold snuggly holds each memory card, and protects them from shock.

Holds EIGHT (8) SD Cards or FOUR (4) CF Cards.

Slim, Slick, AND Safe!

Product Care

Accessory only. SD memory card NOT included


Color: Black & Blue
Quantity: 1
SKU: 1029


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