MaximalPower FC996 4-Port Universal Smart Charger for AA AAA (For 18650 Button Ended Only) RCR123A NiMh NiCd Li-ion [DISCONTINUED]

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MaximalPower™ FC996 Battery Charger Only, Battery not Included.

Note:  There are two type of 18650 battery out on the Market.  Charger is not made to fit the Flat Ended Battery unless you use a paperclip or metal spacer to gab the Positive + contact point..  See picture:

  • MaximalPower FC996 4-Port Universal Smart Charger for AA + AAA + 18650 + RCR123A NiMh NiCd Li-ion
  • USA Based brand with 1 Year Warranty and Customer Service
  • Overheat and overcharge protection Bad battery detection
  • USB port for charging smartphones and other USB devices

MaximalPower FC996 4-Port Universal Smart Charger for:


MaximalPower FC996 4-Port Universal Smart Charger is an excellent environmental friendly choice. It provides a comprehensive and versatile solution to recharge your battery and minimizing battery waste. 

Built-in USB port for charging mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Support Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd/ Li-ion Batteries
For AA AAA 18650 RCR123A

Package Contents
Battery Charger x 1
Power Cord x 1
User Manual x 1


Charges AA AAA 18650 RCR123A
Input: AC100-240V 10W OR DC 5V 2A

Alkaline battery---4x (1.5V 130mA)
Ni-Cd & Ni-Mh battery---4x (1.2V 450mA)
Lithium battery---4x (3.7V 450mA)
USB charging port---1x (5V 2A)
Safety certificate: CE and RoHS 

* Smart charger: 
Automatically recognize battery chemistry. 
Adjusts charging speed automatically. 
Auto shut off after charging the battery 24 hours continuously.
* Simultaneous charging: 
Can charge different type of batteries at the same time.
* LCD screen: 
Shows each battery's charging status
* Safe charging: 
Multiple security protections ensure a safe charging process.

NOTE: Batteries and Phone - Not included.