Extendable 42" Handheld Monopod for Sony Action Cam HDR AS15 AS20 AS30V AS100V


MaximalPower™ Handheld Monopod for SONY ACTION CAM HDR AS15 / AS20 / AS30V / AS100V / AZ1 Mini will get you the perfect shot! Engineered with non-slip rubber handle, aluminum alloy & plastic materials for stability, this monopod extends up to 42.5" and collapses to 8.5" - giving you the freedom to capture your best moments in hard-to-reach places! Plus, it’s 100% compatible with your original manufacturer equipment. Set the timer, extend the rod and you’re ready to shoot!


Works with the following devices:

  • Sony Action Cam HDR AS15   
  • Sony Action Cam HDR AS20
  • Sony Action Cam HDR AS30V
  • Sony Action Cam HDR AS100V
  • Sony Action Cam HDR AZ1 Mini

    Take photos anywhere, or in hard to reach places.

    Can extend up to 42.5" (108 cm) long. Only 8.5" (21.5 cm) fully collapsed.

    Easy to operate, just set the timer, extend the rod, and you're ready to shoot.

    Non-slip soft rubber handle.

    Made with aluminum alloy and plastic material.

    100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment.

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