MaximalPower Charger For BLACK & DECKER VersaPak VP110 VP105 VP100
MaximalPower Charger For BLACK & DECKER VersaPak VP110 VP105 VP100

Vacuum Battery Charger


battery charger, for Black and Decker, for versapak, VP100, VP105, VP110




MaximalPower™ DUAL CHARGER for BLACK & DECKER VersaPak VP110 VP105 VP100

CHARGER Features:

  • Dual Charger can charge 2 Black & Decker S100/S110 batteries simultaneously.
  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments.
  • Includes AC adapter and charging light indicator.
  • Output/Input Voltage: 3.6V/15V (Will NOT affect battery compatibility)
  • Quantity: 1
  • SKU#0768


Works in the following devices:

  • Black & Decker VersaPak Cordless Tools (power scrubbers, power screwdrivers, power saws, etc.)
  • Replaces the following OEM battery part numbers:
  • BLACK & DECKER VP143, V110, V105, V100, 151995-03, 383900-03, 387854-00



Please FULLY charge your rechargeable batteries before first use. When in doubt, charge your batteries overnight (8 hours).

Please fully cycle your Ni-CD batteries (fully charge, then fully discharge them) at least TWICE before regular use.

DO NOT full charge your Ni-CD batteries before storing them for long periods of time. Discharge them as much as possible first.