New Battery Operated Flame less LED Candles with Remote (1) 4" (1) 5" (1) 6"

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LED Light, LED lights




Three New Flame less Flickering:

  • LED Candles (4", 5", 6")
Set the mood with soothing candlelight and create a sense of relaxation. Inviting as they cast dancing shadows across your room. These flame less candles instantly add another layer of soft light to your surroundings. You'll feel safe and secure with the look and feel of real candles, but with none of the worries.

Candle Features:

  • USA based brand includes a full warranty and customer service.
  • Candle Type: LED (Battery Operated).
  • LED lights; no live flame, no fire, no smoke, and no liquid wax mess to clean up after.
  • LED emulate live flame in shape and with flicker like movement.
  • Candle is made from real scented wax.
  • Included wireless remote control.
  • Remotely control NO/OFF, run time duration, and mode/brightness.
  • Candle Color: Ivory
  • Quantity: 1 set of 3 candles (One 4", one 5", one 6")
  • SKU#9051


    • Please DO NOT use or store your candles in a high heat location. 
      Candles are made of real wax and will melt and/or distort when subject to heat sources (including direct sunlight).
    • Please DO NOT attempt to light candles with a flame.
      Candles are powered by two AA batteries are and lit by using the ON/OFF switch located at the bottom of the candle.

      100% Brand New

      1 Year Limited Warranty!