Power Tool Battery For Hitachi 14.4V

Li-ion Weight 2.0 lb
14.4V Dimensions 101.20x76.34x106.26mm
3000mAh Color Black
One Year Cell Brand New Cells
  • 100% BRAND NEW High Quality Rechargeable Replacement Battery (non-original battery).

  • Replace OEM P/N: 
    HITACHI EB 1412S, EB 1414, EB 1414L, EB 1414S, EB 1420RS, EB 1424, EB 1426H, EB 1430H, EB 1430R, EB 14B, EB 14H, EB 14S 

  • Compatible Models: 
    HITACHI Power Tools
    CJ 14DL, DH 14DL, DS 14DAF2, DS 14DMR, DS 14DV, DS 14DVA, DS 14DVB, DS 14DVB2, DS 14DVB2K, DS 14DVF, DS 14DVF2, DS 14DVF3, DS14DFL, DS14DFLPC, 
    DS14DL, DV 14DMR, DV 14DV, DV 14DVA, DV 14DVKS, DV 14DCL, DV 14DL, DV 14DVL, G 14DL, UB 18D, UB 18DL, WH 14DA, WH 14DAF2, WH 14DH, WH 14DM, WH 14DMB, WH 14DMK, WH 14DML, WH 14DMR, WH 14DMRL, WH 14DSL, WR 14DH, WR 14DM, WR 14DMB, WR 14DMK, WR 14DMR, WR 14DL

  • Please match battery part number for the correct replacement.
  • Extended battery pack (e.g. 3.0AH, 3.3AH) is required to be charged by the specific charger that works with high capacity battery.
  • Condition: New
  • Packing Contents: For HITACHI 14.4V Brand New Replacement Battery 1 pc
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