Power Tool Battery For LINCOLN 1201 12V
Power Tool Battery For LINCOLN 1201 12V

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New replacement battery for:

  • LINCOLN 1201 (LIN-1201) 12V Power Tool Batteries


  • Battery Type: Ni-Cd.
  • USA Based brand with Warranty and Customer Service.
  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments.
  • Integrated microchip prevents overcharging & lengthens battery life!
  • Capacity: 12v 2000mAh (Will NOT affect battery compatibility)
  • SKU#0775

Works in the following devices:

LINCOLN Hand-Held Lubrication

  • PowerLuber Grease Gun 1200 (12V / LIN-1200)
  • PowerLuber Grease Gun 1240 (12V / LIN-1240)
  • PowerLuber Grease Gun 1242 (12V / LIN-1242)
  • PowerLuber Grease Gun 1244 (12V / LIN-1244)
  • Automotive Grease Guns (12V)

Replaces the following OEM battery part numbers:

  • LINCOLN 1201, LIN-1201, 218-787


  • Please FULLY charge your rechargeable batteries before first use. When in doubt, charge your batteries overnight (8 hours).
  • Please fully cycle your Ni-Cd batteries (fully charge, then fully discharge them) at least TWICE before regular use.
  • DO NOT full charge your Ni-Cd batteries before storing them for long periods of time. Discharge them as much as possible first.