18’’ Long Wheel Barrel Brush for Car Wheel Rim Detailing Brush - Car Brush Tire Detail Brush Soft Bristle Multipurpose For Exhaust Tips Motorcycles

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MaximalPower's 18" Long Wheel Brush perfect for car detailing & cleaning work! Soft bristles & flexible handle clean hard-to-reach spots & between wheel spokes, rotors, wheels & other tough places. Ideal for cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes & more.

Save time & money on wheel cleaning with this brush. Easily remove dirt, grime & brake dust from rims with water & bucket.

Long enough to clean deep into the wheel between and behind the spokes. Skinny enough to get behind the brakes without having to rotate the wheels. 

Durable and safe on all wheel types. Soft bristles scrub brake dust. Cleans deep alloy wheels, brake calipers, wheel rims, wheel spokes, exhaust tips, engine bays & more. Plastic handle resists scratches and abrasion for protecting finishes. Perfect for professional detailing!


Wheel Brush - No need for a high pressure washer. Just only a bucket water with our wheel tire brush and soap and you can clean your wheel rims by hand. Easily reaches delicate nooks and crannies in wheel rims and tire

Cleaning Brush for Detailing Work - Cleans hard to reach spots, this flexible brush is great for cleaning between wheel spokes and the area between the rotor and the inside of the wheel, and any other tough-to-reach areas

Non-Scratching and Safe to Use - Save time and your knuckles, the 9.5" brush head allows you to quickly clean your wheels and is long enough that you will not hurt your knuckles while cleaning. Durable and safe to use on all wheel types thanks to the soft bristles, plastic handle and rubber brush tip - designed for professional automotive hub detailers and car care enthusiasts

Multipurpose Brush - Multi-purpose use for cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, RVs, boats , wheels, rims, spokes, grills, engine bays, exhaust tips, bumpers, vents and much more

Product Care

After using, please wash the brush thoroughly. Let it air dry and store in a cool and dry place or hang it on with the hole on the handle.

Do not let it get exposed to sunlight for a long time for the best durability.


Total Length: 18 in
Material: Premium synthetic bristles, rubber handle
Color: Red, Blue
Weight: 5.1 oz
MPN: Brush SP903
SKU: 2080, 2105


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