Replacement HEPA Pre-Filter for Dyson DC-07 (Washable & Reusable) Part # 904979-02

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Enjoy fresher, cleaner air with easy-to-install, long-lasting vacuum filters! No more dusty air coming from your vacuum - smile confident that your purchase will promote healthier living and superior air quality! With our washable filters, you can take back the chore of replacing them - enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of a job well done!

This is a generic product designed and engineered in the United States by MaximalPower. This is not a Dyson OEM product and is not covered under any Dyson manufacturer's warranty. The Dyson brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of the Dyson brand name or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.


Available listing bundles:

  • Replacement Washable Pre-filter for Dyson DC07 & Replacement Washable Post-Filter Dyson DC07/ DC14 / DC15 (SKU # 1721 + 1722)

HIGH QUALITY AIR FILTER that can replace your Dyson Filter. Get back to having a clean air to breathe again! Fits all Dyson DC-07 Vacuums

HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE! No one wants breathe dirty air in their home and if you don't clean your air filter that will be exactly what you'll be doing! Replacing your filter will help clean your air purifier's air and allow for a healthier lifestyle! This filter helps keep our household dust, pollen and mold spores

EASY TO INSTALL so you can get back to cleaning as soon as possible! Simply remove your old filter and put this brand new one in it's place! Replaces Dyson Part No. 90497902 Filters

SAVE MONEY by using a new air filter! When your air purifier has a clogged or dirty air filter it can cause it to work harder which will end up hurting your electric bill!

Product Care

Replace filter every 2-3 months depending on usage for best performance


SKU: 1721


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