MaximalPower Dirt Devil Versa Power M083405 Vacuum Allergen Dust Cup Filter -F25

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MaximalPower Filter captures dirt, dust, and allergens to revitalize your home air quality, all while delivering relief to allergy sufferers. Block the spread of dust and dirt in your abode and maximize your vacuum's performance with a dependable and cost-effective filter replacement! Timely filter change will restore suction and performance and neutralize odors, keeping your interior clean and fresh. Enjoy healthier air in your home and breathe easy with a MaximalPower Filter!


Filters are designed to perfectly fit within the following upright vacuum models:

  • Dirt Devil Versa Power M083405 Vacuum Allergen Dust Cup Filter - Compatible Dirt Devil 2SV1102000, F25 Dust Cup Filter 

Replacement Dirt Devil Versa Power M083405 Dust Cup Filter

Replaces Dirt Devil 2SV1102000, F25 Dust Cup Filter
Vacuuming with a MaximalPower Filter traps dirt, dust, and allergens, improving your home's air quality and providing allergy relief. Enjoy a fresher, cleaner environment for your family!

Don't let dust and dirt spread in your house. Improve your vacuum's performance and suction with a new, quality filter at an affordable price. Over time, dirt clogs filters, reducing suction and performance

Made to neutralize odors at the source, releases clean, odor-free air into your home as you vacuum. Breathe easier and feel refreshed by filtering the air inside your household leading to overall better health

Product Care

Please check your vacuum to make sure you are purchasing the correct parts

Replace your vacuum filters every 3 to 6 months for best performance


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