MaximalPower Replacement Synthetic Dust Bags + Filters For MIELE FJM Vacuum Cleaner

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MaximalPower Replacement Dust Bags + Filters: Compatible with Miele Vacuum Cleaner Series s241-s256i, s290-s291, s300i-s399, s500-s578, s700-s758, s4000-s499! Part # FJM 10123220 offers ultimate filtration with ultrafiltration vacuum bags, 99.97% filtration & anti-bacterial properties that captures microscopic particles and allergens. Durable and tear-resistant, the bag expands as you clean! 


    Fits: Miele Vacuum Cleaner Series: s241-s256i, s290-s291, s300i-s399, s500-s578, s700-s758, s4000-s499

    100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment

    Ultrafiltration vacuum bags. Anti-bacterial. 99.97% filtration

    Traps Microscopic Particles & Allergens

    Tear resistant, it expands as you clean

    Product Care

    Replace filter every 1-2 months depending on usage for best performance


    For Part # FJM 10123220
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