9 Packs Replacement Bags for EUREKA RR Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Type: Vacuum Bags

Revolutionary ultrafiltration vacuum bags: 99.7% filtration to trap microscopic particles & allergens, plus anti-bacterial protection. Perfectly compatible with Eureka Ultra & Boss Smart Vac, and other 4800 Series Upright Models. Is your home up to the challenge?

Works in the following devices: 

EUREKA 4800 Series

  • Eureka 4870AT
  • Eureka 4870BT
  • Eureka 4870DT
  • Eureka 4870F
  • Eureka 4870G
  • Eureka 4870GZ
  • Eureka 4870GZX
  • Eureka 4870HZX
  • Eureka 4870J
  • Eureka 4870KE
  • Eureka 4870MZ
  • Eureka 4870PZ
  • Eureka 4870RZ
  • Eureka 4870SZ
  • Eureka 4870SZX
  • Eureka 4870T
  • Eureka 4872AT
  • Eureka 4872BT
  • Eureka 4874AT
  • Eureka 4874B
  • Eureka 4875A
  • Eureka 4880A
  • Eureka 4880BT
  • Eureka 4880D
  • Eureka 4885AT
  • Eureka 4885B 


    Replaces the following OEM part numbers:

    • Eureka Part #61115, 61115A, 61115B

    Ultrafiltration vacuum bags. Anti-bacterial. 99.7% filtration

    Traps microscopic particles & allergens

    Fits Eureka Ultra & Boss Smart Vac, and other 4800 Series Upright Models

    100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment.

    Product Care

    Please replace the vacuum bag every 3-4 months depending on usage for optimum performance of the vacuum


    Vacuum Bag Dimensions: 14.25 x 6.75 x 4.5 inches
    Quantity Per Pack: 9 Bags
    SKU: 0916


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