Fake CCTV Dome Security Dummy Camera with 28 Red LED Infrared Lights

Type: Dummy Camera

Fake CCTV Dome Security Dummy Camera with 28 Red LED Infrared Lights 

Fake CCTV Dome Security Camera acts as a dummy camera designed to help you wade off thieves and suspicious people away to protect your property. Reduce the theft and intrusion rate in your environment when you have these installed. Tighten the security of your home, shop or business by making them think that you're keeping an eye of your property 24/7!  

While also great for home use, dome-shaped imitation camera works best in commercial places like office buildings, restaurants, hospitals, cafes, stages, etc. 

Super easy to install with the mounting screws or double-sided tape. Powered by 2x 1.5v AA batteries (not included) 

Main Features:

  • Perfect decoy surveillance camera, looks like the real thing! – save on your budget when establishing your security system together with your real surveillance cams
  • Made of ABS plastic housing with transparent cover and 28 red LED lights
  • Light-Dependent Resistor allows the dummy camera to turn on/off depending on the ambient lighting of your space

o When the ambient light turns dark (<10 LUX), the infrared lights will light up
o When the ambient light turns bright (> 10 LUX), the infrared lights will dim down


    How to Install

    1. Unscrew the lid of the dummy camera to reveal the inside. Insert the battery into the power compartment.
    2. Install the dummy dome camera to the wall or ceiling using the mounting screws or the double-sided adhesive tape:

    a. If using the mounting screws, after installing the batteries in, use the install guide card to position when you want the dummy camera to be on, drill the hole on the designated ceiling or wall. With the lid still unscrewed from the body, screw in the lid onto the ceiling by inserting the mounting screws onto the hole. Finally, screw the body back to the lid by twisting it back in to lock in place.

    b. If using the double-sided adhesive tape, after installing the batteries in, replace the lid and stick the double-sided adhesive tap onto the center of the lid’s back. Remove the peel on the other side and stick the entire dummy camera onto your surface of choice

    • Dummy camera will adjust to the lighting situation of your space and will turn on/off accordingly. Reduce the rate of thieves and criminals from stealing or causing ruckus in your home, shop or business.




      Better Security - Improve security at your home or business with these life-like fake security cameras! With the exact appearance of a real commercial video camera, they can be installed with or instead of live camera systems to deter anyone from intruding or taking that next step!

      LED Light Feature - 28 red LED lights evoke a better and more convincing impression of a LIVE surveillance camera than a single red light like most imitation security cameras out there. Because of the dome-shaped professional look, this will really make trespassers or thieves rethink about causing trouble because they don’t want to get caught on camera. With the Light-dependent resistor feature, the infrared lights will turn up when the ambient light turns dark (<10 LUX) while an ambient light turning bright (>10 LUX) will dim it back down

      Sleek Design - Gain 24/7 peace indoor and out! Small compact size with a standard matte ABS plastic housing and a blackened dome gives off a convincing “security camera” look. While the dome-shaped camera can be used for home, front yard, garage and backyard, its commercial appearance is better suited for office, restaurant, store, warehouse, school, events, staging, and more! (Note: Fake security cameras are not water-resistant; please make sure to install it away from water or weather changes for best use)

      Easy Installation - This fake CCV camera can be mounted on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Install easily with stainless steel mounting screws or double-sided adhesive tape. No wires needed! Use the install guide card to get the perfect installation! (Unit is powered by 2x AA batteries –not included)

      Budget Saver - Dummy camera can be installed with or instead of live cameras. That way, your security costs won’t go over budget and still have enough deterrents to tighten your overall security system. It’s a win-win!

      Product Care

      Small parts, choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children.
      If used outdoors, it should be sheltered from direct weather. Product is NOT water-resistant!


      Type: Fake Dummy Security Camera
      For: Indoor and outdoor (away from water or weather changes)
      Dummy Camera Dimensions: 5 inches diameter x 4.30 inches height
      Each Box Package includes: Dummy camera, installation card guide, Phillips mounting screws, heavy duty double-sided tape
      Weight: 7.5 oz
      SKU: 2066


      30-Day No Questions Asked Returns with USA-based Brand Warranty and Customer Service available. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!