E-MountRear & Body Lens Caps For SONY NEX Cameras

Protect your SONY NEX-Series camera and camcorder lenses with these brand new, black E-Mount Rear & Body Lens Caps! Perfect for keeping dust, water, and scratches away as you transport them, just slip these caps over your lenses and bodies for full coverage! Enjoy the added peace of mind knowing that your lenses and cameras are protected wherever the journey takes you.

Brand new E-Mount Lens Caps, Black

This Camera Lens Cap is great for protecting your digital camera/camcorder lens

Protects the rear portions of your lens from water, dust, and scratches while they are being transported

Protects the front camera body lens while they are being transported too!

Slip the caps over your E-Mount Lenses and Bodies

Works on ALL SONY NEX-Series Cameras and Camcorders

Product Care

Accessory only. Camera and/or lens not included.

Picture is for reference only. Design might be slightly different than pictured.


Quantity: 1 Rear Cap + 1 Body Cap
SKU: 1032


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