MaximalPower Acoustic Tube Headset Earpiece Compatible with Kenwood Radio Walkie Talkie TK180 TK190 TK280 TK285 TK290 TK380 TK385 TK390 TK480 TK481 TK3180 TK3185 TK3260 TK-981 TK-2140 TK-2180


MaximalPower Acoustic Tube Headset offers 100% compatibility with all OEM parts for KENWOOD 2-WAY RADIOS KMC-25 & KMC-45. Convenient and private PTT mic w/in-ear hook fits either right/left ear & includes press-certified hearing protection. Built-in line mic, polyurethane-jacketed Kevlar wires & rugged polycarbonate button w/metal clip. Enjoy private chats w/this secure, heavy-duty headset!


Compatible With Kenwood: TK-180, TK-190, TK-280, TK-285, TK-290, TK-380, TK-385, TK-390,TK-480, TK-481,TK-490, TK-981 TK-2140, TK-2180, TK-2185, TK-3140, TK-3148, TK-3180, TK3185, TK-2260, TK-3260,TK-5210, TK-5220, TK-5310, TK-5320, TK-5400,TK-5410 NX-200, NX-210, NX-300, NX-410, NX-411


    100% compatible with all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts

    Push-To-Talk (PTT) mic with In ear hook keeps your conversations private

    Inear hook fits snugly to either right or left ear

    Headset includes speaker with hearing protection and sound press certification

    Built-in line microphone keeps things simple

    Polyurethane jacketed, Kevlar reinforced wires

    Heavy duty, rugged polycarbonate housed PTT Button.

    Metal clip secures the PTT Button to the user's lapel or collar, conveniently locating it for easy use

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