3-PC Gun Cleaning Wire Brush w/ Marked Sizing Handles, Nylon and Brass Bristles + Steel Patch Holder


MaximalPower™ 3-PC Gun Cleaning Wire Tube Brush with Long Handles | Nylon and Brass Bristles Plus Steel Patch Holder 


  • EXCLUSIVE BRUSH SIZES: For accessible cleaning in the narrowest curves and crevices.
  • PRECISION BRUSH DIMENSIONS: 7 Inch length overall, 1/2 inch diameter spiral brush head.
  • SOLID, POWERFUL BRUSH: The bristles are made out of nylon and phosphor-like brass abrasive material for a sturdier cleaning control.
  • FLEXIBLE YET DURABLE HANDLE: For your convenience, woven-steel wire handle for your perfect cleaning experience while cleaning inside objects such as pipes and guns. Galvanized metal handle for superior rust resistance. Large loop ring handle at the end of each handle for hanging purposes, better grip or to tie all brushes together with another wire or a carabiner.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION USES: Reaches narrow tubes & pipes, straws, general metal rust or fouling maintenance & gun cleaning. Great tool accessory for labs that work with deep narrow tubes.


Easy to Clean 7 x 1/2 Inch Brass and Nylon Bristles plus a Stainless Steel Looped Patch Holder with Long Handles. Twisted wire handle with loop. Perfect for tubes, cylinders, or narrow clean up requirements.

Three exclusive long steel tube brush constructed with hard and durable twisted steel wire core and handle. Special bristles made out of black nylon and phosphor-like brass material give an accessible cleaning in the narrowest curves and crevices of the interior. The nylon and phosphor brushes are designed to provide a more sturdy cleaning control. The stainless steel patch holder handle a quick sweep of debris removal from the insides for a thorough clean. This 3-tool kit can be used for narrow tubes, pipes, and general gun cleaning.

Brush Dimensions: 7 x 1/2 inches
Package Item Dimensions: 4 x 8.25 x 0.75 inches
Package Item Weight: 1.9 oz
SKU: 1896


  • Manufacturer Warranty available for product defects only. Normal wear and tear from product usage will unfortunately not be honored.
  • Product contains small and abrasive parts. Keep out of reach from children.
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