MaximalPower 74mm Lens Filter Kit includes Circular Polarizer, UV, and Star Lens


Transform your photos with MaximalPower's new 74mm Lens Filter Kit: choose from Circular Polarizer, UV, and Star Lens features for an unparalleled photographic experience. CPLs reduce glare and colors, UV blocks UV light and removes blue casts, and Star Lens create a glittery effect your audience will love. Let MaximalPower take your photos to the next level!


    Circular Polarier / Linear (CPL): Reduce glare from reflected object and increase colors & contrasts and absorbs complementary polarized light

    Ultra Violet (UV): Blocks UV light and removes blue cast form a sun-exposure area. Also to reduce purple fringing caused by longitudinal chromatic aberratio

    Star Lens: Create points of light just like a 'star' by spreading light outward from the central light source, make lighting within the scene to have a more glittering and glamorous appearance

    74mm lens filter kit CPL, UV and star lens filter Kit for 74mm camera lens

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