MaximalPower AAA Rechargeable Batteries 1200mAh High Capacity Performance & Long Lasting Per-Charged Ni-MH Triple A Battery 1.2V, Pack of 4 (Includes Free Case)

Type: Battery

MaximalPower AAA NiMH/Ni-Mh rechargeable replacement battery 1200mAh 4 pieces per pack replaces almost all Alkaline, Li-ion, Ni-Cd, and other Ni-Mh batteries!

Batteries can be charged up to 1000 cycles. It is Ultra High Capacity and perfect for electronics that drains batteries fast. It is 100% compatible with almost all AAA devices and has absolutely no memory effect so that you can charge the battery at any time. They will last longer than your regular disposable alkaline batteries.

For transportation safety, these batteries are only pre-charged with 30% power, charge before using to make them work longer.

Going through at least a recharge cycle every 3 months can make the battery lifespan longer.

Using rechargeable NiMH batteries that can be constantly recharged and reused, spend less money on one-time-use disposable batteries, do less harm to the environment.

These rechargeable AAA batteries can be used for outdoor solar lights and other everyday devices like wireless mouse, TV remotes, game controllers, electronic toys, and so on.


HIGH CAPACITY - Our AAA battery is built with a 1200mAh capacity rating that translates to longer usage, providing strong and long-lasting power for your devices to perform well and operate longer

MONEY SAVING - Our rechargeable AAA battery can be constantly recharged at least 1000 times, they do less harm to the environment than disposable batteries, saving your money on purchasing one-time use disposable batteries

PERFECT FIT - AAA battery works fine for battery string lights and other everyday devices, toys, TV remotes, flashlights, wireless mouse, portable audio players, game controllers and many more

BEST PRACTICE - Please fully charge the batteries before using to make them working longer, also, going through at least a recharge cycle every 3 months to make the rechargeable batteries last longer

Product Care

For a successful and safe charge of your battery, make sure to correctly align polarity (positive/negative) before placing battery into charge


Capacity: 1200mAh, Voltage: 1.2V
Package included: 4x 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery
SKU: 0598+1809


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