MaximalPower™ Camera Mini Tripod PLUS Monopod with Phone and GoPro Holder

Camera Mini Tripod PLUS Monopod with Phone and GoPro Holder


MaximalPower™ Camera Accessories For:

  • Camera Mini Tripod PLUS Monopod

  • Including ONE Phone Holder and ONE GoPro Holder

Monopod Features:

  1. Top with 1/4" -20 Mounting screw

  2. Adjustable right tilt knob to +90° and -90°

  3. Rotate the platform to lock and loosen the top screw, 360° rotation head ensure you to find a best selfie angle.

  4. Section aluminum grooved poles increase structural stability, adjustable flip lock the tube to extend from 36.5 to 100 cm.

  5. Base female screw thread: 1/4 inch, it can be attached to a mini tripod Built-in wrist strap prevents selfie stick from falling from hand. 

Mini Tripod Features:

  1. Mini tripod is plastic sturdy structures, with stability and lightweight

  2. Top with 1/4-20 UNC screw, it can be attached to a phone clip or selfie stick or small camera

  3. Extended height: 130mm

  4. Folded height: 190mm

Plastic Circle Part:

  • Before attaching the mini tripod to the monopod, please add this plastic circle part to the tripod in order to increase stability of tripod. 


  • UNC 1/4 screw

  • Weight: 0.4kg

  • Minimum height: 550mm

  • Maximum height: 1120 mm

  • Load: 0.5 kg


  • Please be mindful that tripod might loose balance when overload or when camera lens are too long.
    Please hold onto the tripod until there is no tipping over.

  • Carefully open the monopod fully to avoid damage to your smartphone

  • Ensure all screws locked tightly when using the selfie stick

  • Please do not use the mini tripod in unstable surfaces

  • Please remove the smartphone when traveling around

  • Please do not put oil into any part of the monopod without any professional instructions

  • Please do not leave the products in the car under high temperature

  • Please do not use the product in tension line lightening weather or place near high tension line

  • Please be aware of physical contact with the product with the product is frozen under cold weather

  • Please do not overload the monopod and mini tripod, otherwise it may cause damage to the product and affect the outcome

  • Please remember to clean the product after usage especially in environment with dirt and sand

  • Clean it with soft cloth and detergent remover, then dry it with clean cloth.



Product Care

30-Day No Questions Asked Returns with USA-based Brand Warranty and Customer Service available. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!