MaximalPower GIFI Power LiPo Battery Balance Charger Charging Plug Cable for YUNEEC Breeze Mantis Battery (Charging Cable only)


Important Note: Connect your charging cable to the charger first, then connect the battery to the charging cable. DO NOT let the Positive (Red) & Negative (Black) exposed wire tips touch each other.



MAXIMUM POWER | MaximalPower Charging Plug Cable allows you to connect your Yuneec Breeze drone battery and Yuneec Mantis drone battery with your LiPo Battery Balance charger.

The charging cable includes standard plus and minus banana plugs and a balancing connector. You can perform charge, discharge, storage mode, battery test... etc on your battery. (Function depend on your charger)

Charge/ Discharge your battery at 1C. Example : 1150mAh battery set to 1.1A. 2000mAh battery set to 2.0A. Select the correct voltage and the type of battery on your charger. A fully charged LiPo cell is approx at 4.2V, storage charge is at 3.7V. Don't leave your charger unintended during operation.

You can connect the battery to a battery meter with the balance connector on the charging cable. You can find out the condition on your battery and quickly evaluate the battery capacity.

BACKED BY COMPANY | YUNEEC Breeze Mantis Battery and Charger not Included. This is for the Charger Cable only! US-based Brand with Warranty and Customer Service Support

Product Care

Don’t Run The Battery All the Way Down - Never deep drain a LiPo battery, as it can damage the poles and reduce life; instead, recharge when energy starts to slow down. Unless you have NiCd battery exhibiting the memory effect, avoid deep draining.

Don’t Leave Battery on Charger - Remove battery after charging finishes; overcharging can damage it and shorten life. Not all chargers auto-shutoff.

Don’t Let Battery Overheat - Heat is deadly for LiPos as it may cause them to explode; if hot, let cool before charging/using.

Do Keep Battery Charged - Recharge cordless batteries as soon as you notice a decrease in power.

Do Use Battery Regularly - Use batteries regularly; else, opt for a plug-in version.

Do Charge Battery Completely: Be sure to leave the battery plugged in until it’s completely charged.

Do Store Battery Properly: Store battery in original case or cushioned bag in cool, dry place away from sun, heat, or humidity. Use plastic cap to prevent short-circuiting and protect terminals from breakage and moisture.


Supports: Lipo Balance Battery Charger
Compatible with: YUNEEC Breeze Mantis
Charges: Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) Battery
Package Weight: 1.4 oz
Item Dimensions: 10.5" Length Cable
Package Size: 8 x 4"
SKU: 2002


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