MaximalPower Hard Battery Storage Organizer Case for AA AAA C D 9V (Batteries NOT Included)

Type: Battery Case


MaximalPower's Hard Battery Storage Organizer is a great solution for consolidating the batteries and giving them one place to be in. The case is sturdy, shockproof, dust proof, water-resistant and scratch-resistant and with plenty of place for all your differently sized batteries. Additional mesh pockets are available for storing your electronics/battery manuals, chargers, cords and even plastic cases so you have them handy whenever you need them.

Double zippered case allows easy access to your case contents without falling out and foam piece made of high density material fits your batteries in pre-cut divided slots for your convenience.

Protective bag includes foam pieces with divided slots for: 9V, C, D, AA, AAA Batteries and includes an additional slot to hold your Battery Tester.


    • 12x 9V Battery
    • 42x AAA Battery
    • 32x AA Battery
    • 5x D Battery
    • 6x C Battery
    • 1x Battery Tester





    • Portable handheld design, ideal for on the go.
    • Test the capacity of your battery in seconds.
    • Easy-to-read color-coded scales to indicate power level
    • Adjust to accommodate battery size.
    • Two contacts on the side to test 9V batteries.
    • Test different sizes of batteries in only one unit

    Can test the following sizes:

    • 1.5V: AAA, HP16, MN2400, R03
    • AA, HP7, MN1500, UM3
    • C, HP11, MN1400, SP11, LR14, UM2
    • D, HP2, MN1300, SP2, R20,UM1
    • 9V: PP3, MN1604, 6F22, 006P
    • All kinds of button cell



    • Weight: 1.9 oz
    • SKU: 1803



    Product Details:

    • Easy to read LCD display to show the charging status of each batteries (0-100%)
    • New charging technology: ACC/ATC, automatically recognizes the battery type.
    • Two (2) USB Ports (2X 1000mA) for 2 devices to charge at the same time
    • Regulates battery health and helps to improve battery lifespan
    • Automatic charging current control: from 300 mA to 1000 mA
    • Automatic temperature control to keep the batteries below 50 °C (122 °F)
    • Automatically detect the status of the battery 
    • New! Updated Black model now lets you charge E90 batteries!

    Types of Batteries Supported: 

    Li-ion (Lithium)
    Alkaline (previously non-rechargeable)
    RAM (Rechargeable Alkaline Manganese)
    Ni-CD (Nickel Cadmium)
    Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride)

    • Li-ion Batteries: 18650, 18500, 17670, 17650, 14670, 14650, 14500, 14430

    Battery Sizes Supported: 

    • 1-4 batteries of: AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V



    • Weight: 1.4 lbs
    • SKU: 1811

    Packs available:

    • A) 1x Battery Organizer Case
    • B) 1x Battery Organizer Case & 1x Battery Tester
    • C) 1x Battery Organizer Case, 1x Battery Tester, 1x Battery Charger 

      LARGE CAPACITY BATTERY STORAGE BOX - Securely hold your batteries in one consolidated place with MaximalPower's Protective Battery Organizer Carry case. Built with divided compartments and foam cutout slots for your 9V, C, D, AA and AAA Batteries and an extra slot for one battery tester so you can find the battery that you need at a glance

      SAFELY STORE BATTERIES - Top and bottom cover is coated with shockproof and water-resistant material to keep your batteries safe to handle and away from damage. Foam pieces lining the bottom and with the slotted compartments are designed to contain any defective battery if in case it swell or leaks out, as well as prevent accidental contact between batteries that may cause an explosion

      PORTABLE & EASY TO USE - Protective case is made with lightweight and high quality EVA material so it can be carried and stored anywhere. Zipper ends makes getting and putting away batteries quick and easy, completely hassle-free

      POCKET FOR EXTRA STORAGE - Inner mesh pocket allows extra space to hold your electronics/battery manuals, chargers, cords and small plastic cases so you can have them ready whenever you need them

      Product Care

      IMPORTANT! If your non rechargeable batteries are over 1 year from first time use, please DO NOT charge them for more than 5 times. It may cause leaking or exploding.

      Accessories only. Batteries NOT included.


      Dimensions: 13 x 9.75 x 3.25 inches
      Extra Features: Inner Mesh Pocket for additional storage
      Weight: 13.6 oz
      SKU: 1965


      12x 9V Battery
      42x AAA Battery
      32x AA Battery
      5x D Battery
      6x C Battery
      1x Battery Tester


      30-Day No Questions Asked Returns with USA-based Brand Warranty and Customer Service available. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!