2500mAh Li-Ion Battery for Motorola 2-way Radio XPR7550 with Belt Clip


Experience long-lasting power & security with this 2500mAh Li-Ion Battery for your Motorola 2-way Radio XPR7550. It's compatible with the PMNN4409, PMNN4409ar, PMNN4448 models and works with XPR3500, XPR3300, XPR7550, XPR3500e. Rely on its excellent endurance, high-end explosion-proof performance, and fine working condition for the ultimate safety & reliability. With a capacity of 7.4V 2500mAh, it's the perfect rechargeable replacement battery! 


Compatible with
  • Motorola two-way radio models: XPR3000 Series, XPR3300 Series, XPR3500 Series, XPR7000 Series, XPR7000E, XPR7350 Series, XPR7550 Series, XPR7550e, DP2600, XIR-P6600, GP328D, GP3338DLKP, DGP8050, DGP5050, DEP550, APX2000, APX4000, DP4400, DP4801, APX2000, SRX2200

Compatible with the PMNN4409, PMNN4409ar, PMNN4448 models and works with XPR3500, XPR3300, XPR7550, XPR3500e

Excellent endurance, high-end explosion-proof performance

Capacity: 2500mah 7.4V

Product Care

Please FULLY CHARGE your Li-ion batteries before first use. When in doubt, leave your batteries to charge overnight (8 hours) to ensure a full charge

Please FULLY CYCLE your Li-ion batteries at least once before regular use (fully discharge them before fully charging them a second time)

To discharge your battery, please simply use the battery on your device as normal, but do not recharge your battery until it is complete discharged and your device no longer operates

Fully charge your battery a second time. Once this second charging is complete, you may now use and/or charge your batteries as much or as little as needed, all with little fear of creating a memory

DO NOT full charge your Li-ion batteries before storing them for long periods of time, or before storing them in a location with high heat. Li-ion batteries should be stored near 50% capacity in these two scenarios to preserve their life and to help prevent irreversible damage to the battery.


Battery Type: Li-ion
Volts: 7.4V
Capacity: 2500mAh
SKU: 1790


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