MaximalPower Propeller Blades for GoPro Karma Drone with Built-In Self-Tightening Propeller Nut CW CCW Props (4 PCS)


The Karma Propellers generate more lift than most propellers. This lets the Karma Drone fly more efficiently with less noise than regular propellers for smooth, quiet flying. This pack includes two clockwise and two counterclockwise propellers. Propellers are color-coded for easy installation. 

Place the center nut of the propeller blade on the designated propeller screw of the drone and twist according to the lock direction. Repeat three more times for the other blades and your drone will be ready for flying!  

Avoid getting caught without wings! With a low, affordable price, you can stockpile on extra blades as a spare in case of accidentally crashing your drone outdoors. Build a spare kit so you can always fly high with your GoPro Karma drone without worries.


The 2-pair propeller blades specially designed for GoPro Karma ONLY (blades may not fit other drone models)

Texture is hard and durable, the center nut cap is made of CNC aluminum alloy, which is resistant to wear and tear

The blades are aerodynamic and can further increase the phase rate of the flight, making it well-balanced and more reliable during flight time

Easy to install, the front and back panels are represented by the gray and black nut cover (clockwise and counterclockwise respectively)

Package: 2 Pairs of Propellers (2 CW + 2 CCW). Drone and other accessories not included

Product Care

Compatible Model: GoPro Karma
Colo: Black
Dimensions: 10.5 x 1.5 inches (per blade)
Quantity: 4 PCS Blades (2 Pairs)
Nut Cap Colors: Gray (CW), Black (CCW)
Total Item Weight: 2.5 oz
SKU: 1913


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