Round Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Dusting Horse Hair Brush Tool Replacement 1.25" 1-1/4" 32mm

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Equip your cleaning arsenal with a MaximalPower™ Universal Brush Attachment for your Round 1.25" (32mm) Vacuum Cleaner. Dust and clean air and heating vents, blinds, tables, countertops, and more with this handy (and standard-sized!) tool. Compatible with almost any household vacuum, canister vacuums, and central vacuum systems as long as it fits the hose size, you'll be able to take on everyday cleaning tasks with ease!


    • Universal cleaning brush has a standard 1-1/4" (32mm) inner diameter. The outer diameter is 1-3/8" (35mm).  Please ensure this size can fit either over or inside your vacuum hose and/or attachments.

      Fits: Uprights that have attachment hoses, most canister vacuums and all central vacuum systems!

      Replace your lost brush attachment, or add one to your cleaning arsenal

      Inner diameter is a standard 1.25" (32mm) size, allowing this attachment to be used with almost any household vacuum!

      Finally, you can clean and dust tables and countertops, air and heating vents, mini and vertical blinds, and much more!

      Product Care

      Regularly clean the dirt and debris off the brush for optimal vacuum cleaning each time

      If the bristles are starting to shed or fall apart, please replace the brush


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