Replacement FC500 Charger for Digital Camera & Video Batteries (OLY LI-50B/LI-90B)


 Reap the benefits of this handy charger companion for all your digital photo shooting needs, at home or abroad. Enjoy a complete charging solution and fast charge times with Automatic Constant Current Control preventing overcharging, short circuits & electronic shock. Smart LED indicator shows you precisely the charging status (Red=Charging, Green=Charged). 100% compatible with manufacturer equipments, this charger even comes with a D/C car charger adapter so you can charge your batteries anywhere in the world! Plus, with a swappable EU, UK or US plug adapter at the back of the charger unit, you can use it in any North American or European power socket.



Compatible with charging the following OEM battery part numbers:

  • Olympus LI-50B/LI-90B
  • Nikon EN-EL11
  • Pentax D-LI78/D-LI92
  • Ricoh DB-80
  • Sony BK1/FK1



  1. Slide battery into charger
  2. Attach proper adapter according to your available outlet (EU, UK or US)
  3. LED status indicator is RED while battery is charging and changes to GREEN when fully charged 
  4. Once battery is fully charged, remove charger from wall outlet and remove the battery


  • FC500 Battery charger 
  • D/C Cigarette lighter adapter (car charger) for use in any vehicle.
  • European Adapter Plug (EU)
  • UK Adapter Plug
  • US Adapter Plug



    Handy companion for your digital photo shooting needs wherever you are

    Perfect for domestic and international travel so you can charge your batteries anytime

    Complete charging solution for digital batteries
    Quick charge with Automatic Constant Current Control prevents battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock

    Smart LED indicator shows charging status (Red = Charging / Green = Charged)

    100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments

    Easily swap between a EU, UK or US plug adapter by replacing the adapter at the back of the charger unit - adapters are compatible with any North American or European Power Socket

    Charger comes with a D/C car charger adapter, so you can charge your batteries anywhere in the world!

    Product Care

    1. Charge at room temperature
    2. Store in cool, dry place
    3. Clean up the terminals with a soft cloth
    4. Unplug unit from outlet when not in use
    5. Do not expose the unit to fire, rain or moisture

    Please FULLY CHARGE your rechargeable batteries before first use. When in doubt, leave your batteries to charge overnight (8 hours) to ensure a full charge.

    Please FULLY CYCLE your Li-ion batteries (fully charge, then fully discharge them) at least once before regular use. To discharge your battery, please simply use the battery in your device as normal, but do not recharge your battery until it is complete discharged and your device no longer operates.

    Please FULLY CHARGE your batteries a SECOND TIME after completing a cycle. Once this second charging is complete, you may now use and/or charge your batteries as much or as little as needed, all without fear of creating a memory.

    DO NOT full charge your Li-ion batteries before storing them for long periods of time. Discharge them close to half a charge first.


    In order to avoid fire and electrical shock, do not open the charger shell and don't put the charger in a wet or humid place with high temperature. The warranty period is effective for one year.


    INPUT: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ max 150mA
    OUTPUT: DC 4.2-8.4V 600mAh
    MPN: FC500 OLY LI-50B
    Color: Black
    Weight: 6.1 oz
    SKU: 1054


    30-Day No Questions Asked Returns with USA-based Brand Warranty and Customer Service available. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!