Universal Rifle Gun Cleaning Kit Set with Travel Pouch for Pistol for 5.56mm .223 22LR .22 Cal

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Type: Gun Cleaning

All-in-one Universal Gun Cleaning Kit 

This is a 10-Piece rifle cleaning kit, for the .22LR, .223, .257, etc.

Army green canvas pouch with two compartments keep everything in neat and organized. Velcro edges secures the items inside without falling off. 

Kit includes:

  • .22 cal. brass brush
  • .22 cal. chamber brush
  • empty oil bottle 
  • patch holder (2x)
  • rifle rods (4x) 
  • cotton patches
  • double-ended nylon cleaning brush

Forged solid metal rods are completely reinforced to be 3 times stronger than most rods. Do the toughest cleaning with them without breaking for a worry- and frustration-free cleaning

Prevents accessories from breaking easily so you won't have a broken jag/tip inside your gun barrel.

Oil bottle for safely carrying oil or solvent. Use with the cotton patch and patch holder for easy cleaning.

Double-ended nylon bristle brush is versatile for removing dirt and debris from the exterior of your firearm.


All-in-one kit - Universal cleaning accessory kit for all types of pistol cleaning. Contains all the cleaning items you need to clean common caliber guns, complete with separated compartments to keep them from scratching and damaging the parts

Durable Material - Save yourself the frustration of having a broken jag/tip inside your gun barrel by getting this kit. Made of high-quality metal, nylon plastic, and brass, these rods, slotted tips and brushes will get even the toughest stains our of your firearms

Compact & Portable - Light weight, easy to carry with strong velcro, snap buttons and clip-on handle. Suitable for outdoor camping, hiking, hunting, travel and more!

Travel-Friendly Kit - Includes 1x .22 cal. brass brush, 1x .22 cal. chamber brush, 1x empty oil bottle, 2x patch holder, 4x rifle rods, 1 bag of cotton patches and 1x double-ended nylon cleaning brush. Please note that some items are consumable so if you have any concerns about restocking, please feel free to contact us so we can help you!

Product Care

Always clean and put the parts back into their designated compartments every use.


Type: Equipment Cleaning Kit
Pieces: 10
Carrying Case Size: 9.8 x 3.9"
MPN: FA Set SP186
SKU: 2078


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