MaximalPower Pin Earpiece w/ Rubber Earhook and Earbud for Kenwood 2 way radio

138 kr

MaximalPower™ 2-Way-Radio Accessories for Kenwood 2 way radio

Compatible with: 


  • KPG27D, KPG29D, KPG48D, KPG49, KPG55D, KPG56D, KPG62D, KPG66D, KPG69D, KPG70D,KPG74D, KPG75D, KPG77D, KPG82D, KPG87D TH-F6/F6A
  • D/D7A/D7AG/D7E/F/F7E/G71/G71A/G71E/K2/K2A/K2E/ K2ET/21/21AT/21BT/22/22A/22AT/22E/25/26/27/28/31AT/31BT/41AT/41BT/42/42A
  • 42AT/2E/45/46/47/215/225/235/235A/235E/315/415,TK-208/220/240/240D/248/250/260/260/270/370G/372G/373G/320/340/340D/348/350/
  • 378/378G/430/431/353/360/2100/2102/2130/2160/3100/3101/3102/3107/3118/3130/3131/3160 etc

Kenwood TK:

  • 2170/3170/2312/3312/2360/3360/2400/3400/2400V/3400U/2402/3402/2402V/3402U/3173

Kenwood ProTalk:

  • TK-2400VP,TK-3400UP,TK-3230XLS Kenwood:TH-F6A,TH-D72A, TH-K20A

Kenwood Nexedge:

  • NX-220, NX-320, NX-240V,
  • NX-340U, NX-420 UV-Series, UV-3R PLUS, UV-5R/5RA/5RB/5RD/5RE/5R V2+/5R5/5X5R+ Plus/8/8D/B5/B/82HP/82L/82/82C/89
  • BF-480/490/320/V6/520/530/999/888/777/666S/777S/888S/gt-3tp/bf-f9-v2hp+


  • KG-UV1D/KG-UV2D/UVDIP/KG-669/659/679/689/639/699/801/kg-uv8e QUANSHENG:TG-K4AT/2AT/22AT/45AT/42AT/25AT/UV

Hytera HYT:

  • TC286 386 2685 3865 6685, TC 278 378 388, TC 2100 2088 TYT 2 Pin Retevis:H-777,RT1, RT2,RT3, RT5, RT7, RT-5R,RT-5RV,RT-B6,888s


  • LT-2288/3288/6288/5288/3188/2188/3260/2268/3268/6288/6188/3288A PUXING Radio: PX-666/777/777 PLUS/3288/-888

Hytera Radio:

  • TC-268/268S/270/270S/368/368S//370/370S



  • VEV-3288S/6288/3288 

    High Audio Quality - With this radio earpiece that includes in-line PTT microphone, it’s easier than ever to use your radio device for hands-free communication. 360° Rotation, Adjustable, Suit for both ear, Perfect fit in your ears and NEVER drop out, Perfect for long time comfortable wearing.

    Soft G Shape Earhook - The Radio Earpieces with an Around-the-ear "G" ring style loop to hold the earpiece comfortably in place. Works on right or left ear and keeps your ears total comfortable. It fits so well you don't even realize you are wearing it!

    Kenwood Headsets - 2 pin K Connector Compatible with lots of Radios from Kenwood HYT, Puxing, Wouxun; not for Midland or Motorola.

    High Quality& High durability - MaximalPower earpiece with PU Wire cable for greater durability and clearly transmit voice in extreme noisy environments. Perfect for Police, private security, public service, hospitals, bars, restaurants, military, paramilitary, private communications.

    Product Care

    Accessories only. Radio not included.


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