Frequently Asked Questions


MaximalPower believes that putting customer first is the best online retail practice. We guarantee fast and affordable shipping delivery service to cater to your consumer needs.

Unlike other retailers that put hidden fees and high shipping charges at the final checkout page, we practice 100% transparency towards customers as we calculate the price and shipping fee for our products before you proceed to your cart for checkout.

We will ship in-stock products within 1 business day. Standard shipping may subject to unexpected delay during transit. If you require products delivered by a certain date or time, please contact Customer Service for confirmation.

UPS Ground and FedEx Ground deliveries that do not require a signature at the time of delivery and will be left at the location if no one is present. USPS will also leave your package at your front porch or mailbox if signature is not required. If you need signature confirmation, please contact Customer Service before you place the order.

Unlike other retails that puts hidden fees and high shipping charges at the final checkout page, we practice 100% transparency towards customers as we calculate the price and shipping fee for our products before you proceed to your cart for checkout.

We also offer negotiated shipping charges with our partnered USPS, UPS, and FedEx carriers.


We sell all our products at multiple online marketplaces, including but not limited to our own store MaximalPower, eBay, Amazon, Walmart and NewEgg.

Once your return is approved and received by our returns team, refunds will be sent out to the original payment method that was used. For purchases outside our main store, refunds will be issued by the marketplace involved.

Yes, all of our products come with 30-Day Warranty for manufacturer defects and troubleshooting issues. You can always send us a message at if you have any questions or concerns regarding product details and other queries you might have and we’ll do our best to assist you!


USA: USPS Standard Shipping

Free: USPS Priority Mail (2-3 Business Days)


Yes, we offer expedited shipping at a calculated cost depending on what items you ordered and where your shipping address is located. We use USPS or FedEX for expedited shipping at a calculated rate upon checkout depending on the item weight and your selected shipping speed preference.

Yes, we do! Please see the information below and check if your country is within our shipping range:

Standard Shipping and Expedited Shipping
Calculated based on weight (for items allowed by Canadian customs policies)

UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, New Zealand
Standard Shipping only
Calculated based on weight (for items allowed by specific countries' customs policies only)

We usually process and fulfil orders within 1-2 business days and relative shipping times at an estimate of 3 or more business days until the package is delivered by the selected carrier.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express*, Paypal, Shopify Payments, and Visa Debit.

As of 6/20/2022, due to the changes in credit card policy regarding high transaction fees, orders paid with American Express will incur an additional 3.54% fee on the invoice. In order to avoid the additional transactional fee, we highly encourage paying with Visa or Mastercard.

If your payment method isn't one of the listed examples, please give us a call at 1-626-856-0801 (PST) or e-mail us at so that we can assist you!


Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! You can usually find the welcome e-mail from us in your e-mail inbox that's tied to the same e-mail address you used to subscribe with us. Our subscribers-only discount code will be attached to that message and is valid for one-time use per customer.

The welcome e-mail should look like below, and the discount code will be attached to that e-mail:

Before you check out your order, please remember to use the discount code on the "Gift Card or Discount Code" field so that the 15% off will apply before finalizing your order.

If you ever encounter issues about your first-time order, please feel free to contact us at or through our Chat Support!

if you’d like to make a change to your order, including your shipping address, please send us an email at as soon as you can! We’ll do our best to accommodate your request and catch your order before it ships out.

Yes, you can! Simply message our customer service team at so that they can check and cancel your order as long as we haven't shipped out your order yet. Once your order has left our fulfillment center, we can no longer cancel your order. If your order is urgent or would like immediate help, we recommend giving our headquarters a call at 626-856-0801 so our team can assist you ASAP.

You can shoot us an e-mail message at with your Order ID and give us some details regarding the issues with the product. We can send you a replacement or a refund by request.

If your package has been marked as delivered but you don’t see it on your doorstep, e-mail us at and we’ll help track it down!

You’ll receive an e-mail containing your order's shipping confirmation along with the tracking number as soon as your order ships out. Please give the tracking number 24 hours to update once you receive it, and then you can follow your order on its journey to you.

You can return MaximalPower products within 30 days of purchasing. Please contact to process your return and obtain a return shipping label.

If you are a reseller who wants to apply for sales tax exemption/wholesale price, please message us your request with your proof of reseller permit to qualify for the exemption before placing your order.

If you are a part of an organization who is exempted from sales tax, please make sure that you fall under one of the exempted organization types and submit relevant documents to us with your request for sales tax exemption before placing an order:

Exempted Organization Types:

  • Federal Government Agencies
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Churches and Religious Organizations
  • Private Foundations
  • Political Organizations
  • Other Non-profits

Proof or supporting documents that prove that your organization is exempted from sales tax:

  • (a) IRS Determination Letter and/or IRS Form 1023 or 1024,
  • (b) Articles of Incorporation and/or Bylaws,
  • (c) Financial Statements and/or Form 990.


As per our reselling policy, we can only allow you to sell our products on your website. You cannot sell our items on any other online platform outside of your website, e.g. Amazon, eBay,, NewEgg, etc.
However, you can sell our products to physical retail stores and other non-eCommerce channels. 

Payment term will be COD. We accept credit cards, wire transfers and company checks.


Request Tax Exemption/Wholesale Price Instructions:

  1. Create an account on our website.
  2. E-mail your inquiry with your name, e-mail and contact number at (also CC e-mail to: Include your relevant documents in the e-mail message (ex. reseller permit, tax exemption documents, etc.).
  3. We will verify tax exemption on your account.
  4. Let us know the items that you are looking for, including the quantity you'd like to purchase.
  5. We will message you back with a wholesale price list for your items.

Please don't hesitate to e-mail us at service@maximalpowercom if you have further questions or concerns!


To Find A Listing:

  1. Click My eBay at the top-right menu bar of the eBay homepage.
  2. Click the Purchase History link in the left column.
  3. Click the listing.

To contact your seller, you can use the "Ask a question" link.

  1. Click the "Ask a question" link near the bottom left of an eBay listing. (You may be asked to sign in).
  2. On the Find Answers page, choose the topic that best fits your question, and look for your question in any Q&A that appears.
  3. If you can't find your question, in the "Did we answer your questions?" section, select "No, I want to contact the seller", and then click the Continue button.
  4. Enter your question in the space provided. Depending on the topic you selected in Step 2, you may be asked for additional information related to your query.
  5. Enter the verification code for security purposes, and then click the Send button.


To return an eligible item you ordered:

  1. Go to Your Orders to display your recent orders. To return a gift, see Return a Gift.
  2. Choose the order and select Return or Replace Items.
  3. Select the item you want to return, and select an option from the Reason for return menu.
  4. Choose how to process your return. If applicable, select to issue a refund or replacement.

For items sold from an Amazon seller, you'll see Submit return request. The Amazon seller reviews return requests before issuing a refund or replacement. If you don't receive a response within two business days, you can submit an A-to-z Guarantee claim. For more information, see About A-to-Z Guarantee.

    1. Select your preferred return method.
    2. Print your return label and return authorization.

Tip: Each return label is assigned to a specific return. To make sure that you receive the correct refund, don't include items from multiple orders or shipments in the same box.

  1. Add your return label (if applicable) and package your items for return. Pack your item securely, following the instructions sent to you when you requested your return from the Returns Center.

You can view the status of a return or a refund in Your Orders by selecting View Return/Refund Status next to the relevant order.

For a label-free, box-free return, initiate the return through Your Orders. If you selected a label-free, box-free return location, you don't have to package your item in a shipping box. After completing the steps in the returns process, you'll receive a QR code. Bring the item you want to return and the digital QR code to the drop-off location.

Note: Before returning items on which you've saved personal information, such as laptops, cameras, or other electronic devices, erase this information completely.

To contact your seller, you can use the "Your Account" link.

  1. Click the "Your Account" link found in the top-right menu of Amazon's website.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select "Your Orders". (You may be asked to sign in).
  3. Locate the item you purchased, and click the "Contact Seller?" button.
  4. On the Contact Seller answers page, choose the option that best fits your question.

For mobile phones/app, please refer to this guide:

MaximalPower / Digi-Battery - Amazon Mobile App Contact Customer Service guide


  1. Don’t Run The Battery All the Way Down: Deep draining a.k.a. letting a rechargeable battery run all the way down can permanently damage the poles and shorten battery life. Instead, recharge the battery as soon as your item’s energy starts to slow down. Never deep drain unless you have a NiCd battery that’s showing decreased capacity due to the memory effect.
  2. Don’t Leave Battery on Charger: Unless your item instructions specifically say to store the battery on the charger, be sure to remove it after charging is finished. Overcharging can damage a battery and shorten its life and not all chargers shut off automatically.
  3. Don’t Let Battery Overheat: Heat is deadly to rechargeable batteries and can even cause them to explode. If the battery gets hot to the touch, let it cool down before recharging or using.
  4. Do Keep Battery Charged: Recharge cordless batteries as soon as you notice a decrease in power.
  5. Do Use Battery Regularly: Battery life decreases with lack of use so keep those batteries in action! If you only seldom use your device or equipment where the batteries are loaded, you may want to consider a plug-in version instead.
  6. Do Charge Battery Completely: Be sure to leave the battery plugged in until it’s completely charged.
  7. Do Store Battery Properly: Store your battery in the original carrying case or in a cushioned bag in a cool, dry place away from direct sun, heat, or humidity. Be sure to use the plastic cap that came with your battery to keep it from short circuiting and to protect the terminals from breakage or moisture.


The lifespan of an Acoustic Tube?

Depending on your environment with regard to temperature, humidity, dust etc, an acoustic tube should be replaced every 3-4 months. You may extend the life of your acoustic tube by cleaning it. If you rent out radios and earpieces for events or motion pictures or anything else for that matter, the tubes should be discarded upon their return and new ones attached for the next rental.

5 Easy steps to clean and maintain your Acoustic Tube.

For best performance, your Acoustic Tube requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Over time the Acoustic Tube can become blocked with condensation, dirt, earwax, or body sweat. Once, every few weeks, a good cleaning will improve performance and prolong the life of your Acoustic Tube and Components.

  1. Remove the Acoustic Tube from the clothing clip assembly by rotating the twist connector.
  2. Disconnect the Earbud, Jet and Elbow from the Acoustic Tube ends.
  3. Insert the straw from a can of compressed air into the hole at one end of the tube and blow any debris or water out of the Acoustic Tube.
  4. Pat the outside of the Earphone dry with a clean towel.
  5. Once dry, reassemble the Acoustic Tube Parts

Trouble Shooting…

I can’t hear anything through my Earpiece!

You can determine whether or not the Acoustic Tube Earphone is the source of the problem by testing if you can hear incoming radio calls through the speaker (transducer) with the earphone disconnected. Remove the Acoustic Tube from the clothing clip assembly by rotating the twist connector. Make sure that the audio accessory is properly connected to your two-way radio or speaker mic, and that the radio is turned on and the volume is turned up. Put your ear near the clothing clip assembly while your radio is receiving an incoming transmission. If you can hear the transmission, then the sound pressure through your Acoustic Tube Earphone is being blocked by a kink, bend, debris, or may have a hole in the tube. Inspect the Acoustic Tube for damage or dirt and debris and then either clean or replace the tube.

The volume on my Earpiece was great but now the volume is lower than it used to be.

The most likely cause is a blockage inside the Acoustic Tube, a hole or kink in the tube. Over time the Acoustic Tube can become blocked with condensation, dirt, earwax, or body sweat. Remove the Acoustic Tube from the clothing clip assembly by rotating the twist connector and then inspect your tube for damage or debris. If the Acoustic Tube appears damaged, replace it with a new one. If the tube appears to be blocked or dirty, clean the tube as above.

My Acoustic tube is changing color! The Acoustic Tube used to be clear but it is now turning a yellowish brown.

The tube may simply be dirty. Cleaning it may help. However, the acoustic tube can become permanently stained or discolored over time due to exposure to UV light, heat, second hand smoke, or pollution. The discoloration should not affect the operation of the earphone unless it’s caused by debris.

My Acoustic Tube used to be soft and bendable but has hardened over time.

Over time, the Acoustic Tube may begin to lose its pliability. This is part of the normal aging of the polyurethane material, but the process may be quickened by prolonged exposure to heat or Ultraviolet light. You should not leave the Earphone in the sun when you are not using it. If you notice the Acoustic Tube beginning to become brittle or to turn black, you should replace it with a new tube.

My Acoustic Tube has a bubble in it.

If the Acoustic Tube appears to have an air bubble inside of the tube, it may just have moisture or condensation trapped inside. Try cleaning the tube. If the tube material is warped, bulging, or distorted or if cleaning fails to improve the problem, then just replace it.


If you notice corrosion building up on the battery terminals of your device, it's time to clean up the mess before your device gets damaged. Removing and disposing of batteries should always be done with safety as a priority, but thankfully cleaning up corrosion is quite simple. All you need is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar that can help remove the corrosion, safely and effectively. Spread a small amount of baking soda over the affected area and with a small brush, apply vinegar and wait for it to fizz to let it work its magic. Wipe it off with a clean, slightly damp cotton pad will clear out any residue and get the job done! Regularly taking the precautionary measure to clean battery corrosion can help ensure that your devices remain in excellent condition for years to come.

Alkaline batteries are marketed as single-use or disposable batteries, but they are not designed to be recharged and can cause dangerous situations if recharged. Manufacturers designed alkaline batteries to be bought and discharged completely, so a full recharge isn't possible. Recharging alkaline batteries is only possible 7-10 times, and there are inherent risks such as charging cycles going on and off with the possibility of battery leakage. Alkaline batteries are generally safe for recharging only 2-3 times as too much heat can build up if not done properly. We suggest getting lithium-ion batteries as they are designed to be recharged quickly and easily, and USB rechargeable batteries can be fully recharged within one to three hours. A smart USB design has been developed to combine the charger with a battery in a single unit, making it a better deal than attempting to recharge disposable alkaline batteries. 


We are open for business at 8:30AM - 4:00PM (PST) from Monday to Friday. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Our Southern California headquarters is located at 821 E Edna Pl, Covina, CA 91723.

You can contact us anytime at our website chat by clicking the Chat Icon on the Homepage or sending us an e-mail message at If we miss your chat message, we will get back to you at our next availability or will drop you an e-mail follow-up.

You can also reach us by phone at 626-856-0801(PST) between 9:00AM to 4:30PM (PST).

For customers outside California, please make sure to check your time zone difference here and anticipate hour differences if you are from a different state or country.