MaximalPower Replacement 52mm Circular Polarizer Lens Filter & Cover For Canon and Nikon DSLR Cameras



  • Improves the appearance of photos captured on-camera by increasing contrast between the subject and the objects around it
  • Suppress reflections appearing on photo for a cleaner look on photos
  • Can be used as a substitute lens cap to protect the front part of your lens from water, dust, and scratches
  • Fits on 52mm range lens, filter, adapter and others
  • Circular Polarizer Lens Filter can also be paired with UV Lens for stunning scenic shots



CPL Filter, 52mm, Circular Polarizer Filter/CPL filter. it removes unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass. They also enable colors to become more saturated and appear more clear, with better contrast. this effect is often used to increase the contrast and saturation in blue skies and white clouds, Polarizing filters do not affect the overall color balance of a shot.


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