Air quality experts share tips on purifiers, filters, and taking safety to next level

There's no denying the entire state is witnessing the effects of the raging wildfires. Depending on whether your home or office is outfitted with necessary filters or air purifiers, you could also be feeling those effects after breathing in unhealthy air.

Lingering smoke and orange skies may have kept many people indoors on Wednesday. However, air quality experts explain people can take safety a step further by investing in quality air filters and purifiers, and even designating a room for respiratory relief.

"Having at least one clean room would be kind of a good resource for people to have," Aaron Richardson with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District told ABC7 News. "Especially now that we've got this sort of new normal, of wildfire season kicking up pretty badly for the last three or four years."

By clean room, he means an area closed off from contaminants, where residents are able to breathe in healthy air.

If possible, Richardson suggested people invest in non-ozone producing High Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA purifiers.

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