How to Install and Pick The Right Location for your Pest Repellent Device

Choose a location between your house and this mole hole to install your mole repeller


  • Your mole repeller MUST be installed in the ground to work correctly. Choose a flat or level area in your chosen location. If your chosen location has any elevation changes, choose the lowest area in that location instead.
  • Dig a hole and make sure you bury the stake is firmly embedded in solid soil. DO NOT insert your repeller in a pre-exist9ng mole hole. DO NOT just press the repeller’s stake partially into loose soil. Keep in mind that the sonic sound produced by the repeller has to travel through the soil to work correctly, and this is only possible if it’s embedded in solid soil.
  • For best results, install a repller every 40-45 feet inline from your chosen location. Gradually move your repellers forward to slowly drive the moles away from your land. Please note that once the moles have disappeared, you may relocate your repellers in a more aesthetically pleasing set up around the perimeter of your land, but still keep the 45-50 feet spacing, so the moles do not return.
  • Frozen soil, irrigated, or waterlogged ground is not suitable for this device. Please dig a hole into solid earth to install the device. Keep in mind the density of the soil will greatly affect the effectiveness of the device. The more solid the earth, the better the device will function.