12" Vacuum Cleaner Attachment 360 Floor Brush Tool Replacement 1.25" 1-1/4" 32mm

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Universal Replacement Vacuum Attachment:
  • SWIVEL 12" (300mm) Vacuum Cleaner  Floor Brush Tool


Enhance your cleaning power with this dependable 1.25" (32mm) brush attachment! The 12" swivel neck offers 45° angled, 360° range of motion for easy maneuvering and reaching into tight spaces. The European-style hair brush features roller wheels for smooth glides and fits most upright and canister vacuums, plus all central vacuum systems. Make this attachment yours today and take your vacuum to the next level!

Replacement wheel brush also available for purchasing


Replace your lost brush attachment, or add one to your cleaning arsenal

Inner diameter is a standard 1.25" (32mm) size, allowing this attachment to be used with almost any household vacuum!

Twelve inch swivel neck is at a 45 degree angle and can swivel 360 degrees for easy cleaning at all angles and all surfaces

European style hair brush has roller wheels for easy movement.

Fits upright vacuums that have attachment hoses, most canister vacuums and all central vacuum systems!

Product Care

Universal cleaning brush has a standard 1-1/4" (32mm) inner diameter. The outer diameter is 1-1/2" (38mm). Please ensure this size can fit either over or inside your vacuum hose and/or attachments before ordering!



Brush Head Length: 12 inches
Inner Diameter Dimensions: 1.25 - 1.27 inches / 31.9-32.4 mm (approx)
Quantity: 1


Dimensions: 1 inch diameter x 0.4 inch thickness
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