18 in 1 Sports Outdoor Accessory Kit Plus Large Travel Case Bag For GoPro HERO Hero4 3+ 3 2 Cycling Snowboarding Surfing Skydiving Kayaking

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Camera Accessories

Maximal Power

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New MaximalPower™ 18 in 1 Outdoor Sports Accessory Kit For:

GoPro HD Hero Cameras
GoPro HD Hero2 Cameras
GoPro Hero3 Cameras
GoPro Hero3+ Cameras
GoPro Hero4 Cameras
GoPro Hero Cameras

Package includes:
1x Floaty Bobber Handle Bar Grip Flat Bottom
1x Chest Strap
1x Head Strap
1x Monopod
4x GoPro Tripod Mount
2x Flat Mounts with 3M Adhesives
2x Curved Mounts with 3M Adhesives
1x Helmet Extension Arm Mount with Curved Adhesive Mount + 3M Double Stick Tape
1x Suction Cup Mount for cameras with a 1/4" tripod port
1x Handle Screw
2x Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle Mount Adapter
1x Grey Mini Flexible Tripod

1x Large Shockproof Protective Travel Case Bag with Dimension: 12.8" x 8.50" x 2.56"