5 in 1 Laptop Keyboard Computer Cleaner Kit - Soft Brush Keyboard Cleaner for Bluetooth Earplugs Earphones Mobile Phones Tablets Cameras etc.

Type: Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Soft Brush Keyboard Cleaner 5-in-1 Multi-Function Computer Cleaning Tools Kit Corner Gap Duster Keycap Puller for Bluetooth Earphones Lego Laptop Airpods Pro Camera Lens 


Dual Head Design - 5-in-1 computer keyboard and laptop keyboard cleaning kit with nylon bristles, flocking sponge, high-density brush, metal pen tip and keycap puller; dual head and hidden compartment for tool kit meets a variety of cleaning needs while making storage easier

Scratch-Free Keyboard Cleaning - Special soft nylon bristles in three-row design provides fast and thorough dust sweeping without damaging your keyboard or other electronics

Multifunctional Cleaning Kit - Flocking sponge cleans the dust inside the wireless charging earbud earphone cases. High-density brush sweeps off the dirt on and around the sound outlet hole of the earbuds. Pointed metal tip picks out stubborn dust stuck in nooks and crannies of small objects 

Make Keycap Changing Easier - With the keycap puller, you can easily pull your keyboard's keycap to clean off the dust collected underneath or change the keycaps for refreshing your keyboard. No need to bring your mechanical keyboard to the repairman for simple dust fixes - make the key cap removal process cleaner and more thorough

All-in-One Cleaning Kit for Various Needs - Not only can this kit cleaning keyboards but also provides cleaning for bluetooth earphones, earbuds, earphones, Airpods, remote controls, game controllers, mouse, LEGO, camera lens and more!



Use this 5-in-1 tool to dust and clean your monitor, keyboard, gaming headset, headphones, airpods, earbuds, earphonesm wireless charging case, mouse pad, desk lamp and more!

Brush bristles are extremely soft to touch to prevent it from damaging or scratching your things.

Keycap remover with easy-to-pull handle fits inside your grip for easy keycap pulling - easily replace keycaps and clean inside the keyboard thoroughly. 

Metal pen tip scrapes off dirt and debris build from inside the crevices of your small items - especially useful for taking out dirt from small earphone holes. Flocking sponge cleans off the inside of your wireless earbud charging case without scratching.

This cleaning kit is good for many purposes - great for cleaning and maintaining your belongings so they can be dust-free and working efficiently.

Gift one to yourself and to your family friends so you can all enjoy the benefits of cleaner items - appreciate your gadgets and small items more!


  • Material: ABS+ Metal
  • Color: White, Red 
  • Uses: For cleaning Bluetooth compatible earplugs, earphones, mobile phones, computers, tablets, cameras and other digital products.
  • Size: 6 x 3.25 x 1 in
  • Weight: 1.03 oz
  • MPN: Brush SP1003
  • SKU: 2086


  • Hold the top of the flocking sponge and pull it down while rotating to remove the tool form the brush holder
  • Please do not hold the flocking sponge and pull it down directly to prevent damaging it.
  • Clean with dish soap and let dry overnight on a paper towel or dish towel
  • 30-Day Return Grace Period with 60-day Limited Brand Warranty and Customer Service Support
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