9 Packs Replacement Bags for EUREKA RR Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Type: Vacuum Bags

Revolutionary ultrafiltration vacuum bags: 99.7% filtration to trap microscopic particles & allergens, plus anti-bacterial protection. Perfectly compatible with Eureka Ultra & Boss Smart Vac, and other 4800 Series Upright Models. Is your home up to the challenge?

Works in the following devices:

EUREKA 4800 Series

  • Eureka 4870AT Upright Vacuum
  • Eureka 4870BT Upright Vacuum
  • Eureka 4870DT Upright Vacuum
  • Eureka 4870F Upright Vacuum
  • Eureka 4870G Upright Vacuum
  • Eureka 4872AT Upright Vacuum
  • Eureka 4872BT Upright Vacuum
  • Eureka 4874AT Upright Vacuum
  • Eureka 4874B Upright Vacuum
  • Eureka 4875A Upright Vacuum
  • Including Eureka 4870AT 4870BT 4870DT 4870F 4870G 4870GZ 4870GZX 4870HZ 4870HZX 4870J 4870K 4870KE 4870MZ 4870PZ 4870RZ 4870SZ 4870SZX 4870T 4872AT 4872BT 4874AT 4874B 4875A 4880A 4880BT 4880D 4885AT 4885B Vacuums and more.

Replaces the following OEM part numbers:

  • Eureka Part #61115, 61115A, 61115B

Ultrafiltration vacuum bags. Anti-bacterial. 99.7% filtration

Traps microscopic particles & allergens

Fits Eureka Ultra & Boss Smart Vac, and other 4800 Series Upright Models

100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment.

Product Care

Quantity: 9 Bags
SKU: 0916


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