Brass Firearm Cleaning Double-Ended Brushes for Pistol, Revolver, Rifle & Shotgun

Firearm / Gun Accessories, Gun Brushes

Gun Brushes


Firearm / Gun Accessories, Gun Brushes


New MaximalPower Replacement Brass Firearm Cleaning Brushes for:

• Pistol/Revolver Firearm Cleaning
• Rifle Firearm Cleaning
• Shotgun Firearm Cleaning


• New MaximalPower brand brushes.
• USA Based brand with Warranty and Customer Service.
• Brush Bristles: BRASS
• Brush Handle: Plastic
• Brush Type: Double ended
• Double ended brush for more complete and detailed cleaning.
• Brush all the tough to remove carbon, grime, & debris off of your firearms.
• The brass bristle are great to remove what nylon bristles struggle with.
• Brass bristles are still soft enough that they will not scratch your firearm's steel or coated steel surfaces.
• Brushes also great for automotive and household applications.

Works in the following applications:

• For cleaning pistol slides, feed ramps, chamber end, muzzle end, barrel outside, etc.
• For cleaning revolver cylinder face, flexing cone, muzzle end, barrel outside, etc.
• For cleaning rifle/shotgun receivers, bolts, chamber end, muzzle end, etc.
• And much more!


• This listing is for the BRASS BRUSH only. All other items pictures are for reference purposes only.
• If there is any concern that the BRASS bristles might scra
tch any part of you firearm, please test in an inconspicuous area before normal use.
• Brushes are considered to be a consumable items, warranty is only for manufacture defects and does not cover normal wear from use.