Camcorder Battery For CANON BP-915


New MaximalPower™ Replacement Battery for CANON BP-915 Camcorders boasts premium Japanese cells and is 100% compatible with original manufacturer equipment. There's absolutely no memory effect, so the battery can be charged at anytime. Plus, an integrated microchip hinders overcharging, extending the battery life!

Works in the following devices:

  • Canon C2
  • Canon DM-MV1, Canon DM-MV10, Canon DM-MV20, Canon DM-XL1, Canon DM-XL1S, Canon DM-XV2
  • Canon E1, Canon E2, Canon E30, Canon E65AS
  • Canon ES-300V, Canon ES-4000, Canon ES-410V, Canon ES420V, Canon ES-420V, Canon ES-420V Hi8, Canon ES-50, Canon ES-5000, Canon ES-520A, Canon ES-55, Canon ES-60, Canon ES-60 Hi8, Canon ES-6000, Canon ES-65, Canon ES-65 Hi8, Canon ES-6500, Canon ES-6500V, Canon ES-7000ES, Canon ES-7000V, Canon ES75, Canon ES-75, Canon ES-75 Hi8, Canon ES-8000, Canon ES-8000V, Canon ES-8100H18, Canon ES-8100V, Canon ES8200V, Canon ES-8200V, Canon ES-8200V Hi8, Canon ES8400V, Canon ES-8400V, Canon ES-8400V Hi8, Canon ES8600, Canon ES-8600
  • Canon FV1
  • Canon G-1000, Canon G-10HI, Canon G-1500, Canon G15H, Canon G20Hi, Canon G30Hi, Canon G35Hi, Canon G45Hi
  • Canon GL1 ,Canon GL-1 ,Canon GL2 ,Canon GL-2 ,Canon GL2 (MINI DV)


              Replaces the following OEM battery part numbers:

              • Canon BP-911, Canon BP-911K, Canon BP-914, Canon BP-915, Canon BP-915, Canon BP-924, Canon BP-927, Canon BP-930, Canon BP-930E, Canon BP-930R, Canon BP-941, Canon BP945, Canon BP-945, Canon BP950, Canon BP-950, Canon BP950G, Canon BP-950G, Canon BP970G, Canon BP-970G, Canon VCA-911, Canon VCN003, Canon VCN003S

              Absolutely no memory effect so that you can charge battery at anytime.

              Integrated microchip prevents overcharging & lengthens battery life!

              Premium Japanese cell.

              100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments.

              Product Care

              Please FULLY charge your rechargeable batteries before first use. When in doubt, charge your batteries overnight (8 hours).

              Please fully cycle your Li-ion batteries (fully charge, then fully discharge them) at least once before regular use.

              DO NOT full charge your Li-ion batteries before storing them for long periods of time. Discharge them close to half a charge first.


              Capacity: 7.4v 2200mAh (Will NOT affect battery compatibility)
              Battery Type: Li-ion.
              Quantity: 1


              30-Day No Questions Asked Returns with USA-based Brand Warranty and Customer Service available. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!