Charger Pods for Two Way Radio Battery Chargers


Mini-Pod Features:

  • Inserts into the tri-chemistry charger to charger your two-way battery
  • Pods can be removed and replaced so you can charge different models/parts according to your two-way radio battery 


Mini-Pod List and Compatible Two-Way Battery Parts:


 mini-pod for battery


  • For KENWOOD Battery KNB-24L
  • Compatible Parts: KNB-24L, KNB-25A KNB-26N KNB-35L,55L, 57L
  • Compatible Models: Radio TK-2140, TK-3140;7.2V/8.4V;NI-CD/MH LI-ION
  • SKU: 0501


mini-pod for two way radio battery



  • For Vertex & YASEU Battery 57N
  • Compatible Parts: Vertex & YASEU Battery 57N
  • Compatible Models: Radio VX400 / 210 / 160 / VX800U
  • SKU: 0880


mini pod for two way radio battery


  • For ICOM Battery BP-231 
  • Compatible Parts:  BP-231, BP-232
  • Compatible Models: Radio IC-F14 IC-F24 IC-F33GS IC-F33GT IC-F43GS IC-F43GT IC-F43TR;8.4V;LI-ION
  • SKU: 0886


mini pod for two way radio battery


  • For KENWOOD Battery KNB-30
  • Compatible Parts:  KNB29, KNB29N, KNB29A, KNB30, KNB30A, KNB45 & KNB45L
  • Compatible Models: For KENWOOD TK2200, TK2200L, TK2200P, TK2202, TK2202L, TK2207, TK3200, TK3200LP, TK3200P, TK3201, TK3202 ,TK3207 & KSC37 RADIOS
  • SKU: 0887


mini pod for two way radio battery


  • For MOTOROLA Battery NTN-4496
  • Compatible Parts: NTN-4496 NTN-4497 NTN-4970 NTN-4851
  • Compatible Models: Radio CP040/140/160/200 PTM-040 PTM-040H EP450 GP-3688;7.2V/8.4V;NI-CD/MH LI-ION
  • SKU: 0888


mini pod for two way radio battery


  • For MOTOROLA Battery PMNN-4023
  • Compatible Parts: PMNN-4023 PMNN-4148 PMNN-4023 PMNN-4148 HNN-9008 HNN-9009 HNN-9012 HNN-9013
  • Compatible Models:  Radio GP-344/388/328PLUS/388PLUS GP-320/328/340/350/640/680, WARIS HT-750/1250/1550, PRO-5150/7150;7.2V/8.4V;NI-CD/MH LI-ION
  • SKU: 0889 

mini pod for two way radio battery


  • For MOTOROLA Battery HNN9628B
  • Compatible Parts: HNN9628B PMNN4005 HNN-9051 HNN-9360 HNN-8148
  • Compatible Models: RADIUS-P110. RADIUS-P1225 GP-350 GP300 , GTX-RADIUS , LTS2000;7.5V;NI-CD/MH
  • SKU: 0890


mini pod for two way radio battery


  • For ICOM Battery BP-209
  • Compatible Parts:  BP-209 BP-210 BP-209N BP-210N
  • Compatible Models: Radio IC F21S/F21/F30/F40/F3GS/4GS/GT/GS; 7.5V; NI-CD/MH 
  • SKU: 0940


mini pod for two way radio battery


  • For Motorola PMNN 4065
  • Compatible Parts: PMNN 4065 PMNN4066 PMNN4077
  • Compatible Models: For Motorola XPR-6300, XPR-6350, XPR-6500, XPR-6550 XiR P-8200, P-8208, P-8260, P-8268 DP-3400, DP-3401, DP-3600, DP-3601 DGP-4150, DGP-4150+, DGP-6150, DGP-6150+ XPR6580 XPR6380 Radios
  • SKU: 0942


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