LiPo Battery 1800mAh UPGRADE 11.1V 20C For PARROT Bebop Drone 3.0 Quadcopter

Combo Pack

Compatible with Parrot Bebop Drone 3.0 Quadcopter and can be used as a replacement for Parrot Bebop Drone 3.0 Quadcopter Battery. This battery has no memory effect, allowing for charging whenever necessary. An integrated microchip prevents overcharging and extends its life. 


100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment.

High Capacity. Longer flying time.

Lightweight. Compact design.

Absolutely no memory effect so that you can charge battery at anytime.

Integrated microchip prevents overcharging & lengthens battery life!

Product Care

This battery will charge with original charger.

Please understand that this is a very powerful long lasting battery and you must understand that by using such power, you are solely responsible for everything in the air and on the ground.

Product Care Info:
Don’t Run The Battery All the Way Down - Never deep drain a LiPo battery, as it can damage the poles and reduce life; instead, recharge when energy starts to slow down. Unless you have NiCd battery exhibiting the memory effect, avoid deep draining.

Don’t Leave Battery on Charger - Remove battery after charging finishes; overcharging can damage it and shorten life. Not all chargers auto-shutoff.

Don’t Let Battery Overheat - Heat is deadly for LiPos as it may cause them to explode; if hot, let cool before charging/using.

Do Keep Battery Charged - Recharge cordless batteries as soon as you notice a decrease in power.

Do Use Battery Regularly - Use batteries regularly; else, opt for a plug-in version.

Do Charge Battery Completely: Be sure to leave the battery plugged in until it’s completely charged.

Do Store Battery Properly: Store battery in original case or cushioned bag in cool, dry place away from sun, heat, or humidity. Use plastic cap to prevent short-circuiting and protect terminals from breakage and moisture.


Battery Type: Lithium Polymer.
Capacity: 11.1v 1800mAh 20C
Maximum Flying Time: approx. 14 minutes
Dimensions: 4.0" x 1.9" x 1.2" (inches)
Weight: 4.4 oz
SKU: 1591

Battery only. Drone is not included.


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