MaximalPower Universal 12-inch Swivel 360° Floor Brush and Adapter

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MaximalPower™ Replacement Universal Vacuum Attachment 

Brush features:

  • Replace your lost brush attachment, or add one to your cleaning 
  • Attachment Type: Floor Brush. 
  • Twelve-inch swivel neck is at a 45-degree angle and can swivel 360 degrees for easy cleaning at all angles and all surfaces.
  • European style hairbrush has roller wheels for easy movement.
  • SKU: 1022


Adapter Tube: 


  • The inner diameter of the included adapter is 1.34" (34.25mm)
  • Attachment Type: Adapter 
  • SKU: 1555

Compatible models:

  • HV300, HV300W, HV310, HV319Q, HV320, HV320W, HV321, HV322, NV352
  • UV560
  • NV581
  • NV341
  • NV500 and NV351
  • NV785

Non-Compatible models:

  • NV356
  • NV752
  • UV795 
  • NV480
  • NV651
  • NV70
  • All Shark Rockets



  • Please check the measurement shows on our pictures and measure the hose opening on your vacuum before purchase
  • US-based Brand with Warranty and Customer Service Support available. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!