7-Pack Bore Cleaning Brushes w/ Brass Jag Phosphor Bronze Nylon Cotton Mop & Chamber in Multi Sizes


New MaximalPower™ Gun Cleaning Bore Brushes for .22 cal /.243 cal, .270 cal, and .30 cal  

  • Combo set of cleaning brushes specially designed for Rifle, Pistol, Revolver and other firearms gun cleaning.
  • Available caliber sizes are: .223/.22cal or 5.56mm .243/.25/cal or 6mm, .270/.27 cal or 6.8mm, and .30 cal or 7.62mm.
  • Set comes with solid brass cleaning jag, cotton brush, black nylon brush, phosphor bronze brush, chamber phosphor bronze brush, black chamber nylon brush, and chamber cotton mop.
  • Made with the finest materials of aluminum cores, nylon and bronze bristles, and cotton texture for the ultimate bore cleaning.
  • Perfectly fits most cleaning rods in 8-32 Threaded size. Markings on the jags and brushes indicate the compatibility size for specific calibers.
  • USA-based Brand. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with Warranty and Customer service.



Combo set of Solid brass Cleaning Jag, Cotton Mop, Black Nylon Brush, Phosphor Bronze Brush, Chamber Black Nylon Brush, Chamber Phosphor Bronze Brush, and Chamber Cotton Mop. These premium brushes fit any standard 8-32 threaded cleaning rods and designed to perfectly fit your favorite rifle and other compatible firearms.

Solid Brass Jag provides the fastest and most thorough cleaning of the bores to attain maximum accuracy and performance. With a knurled body and a spiked tip, it's designed to fit tightly between a patch and bore. The pointed tip keeps the patch centered and allows it to fall off when the jag exits the muzzle. 


Nylon Brush is equipped with hard plastic bristles that has thorough and multi-directional scrubbing action. Bristles return to their original shape even after using for awesome durability.


Phosphor Bronze Brush is strong enough to remove leading but soft enough to not scratch steel bores without leaving a polymer residue. Its durable bristles are designed to do what nylon brushes struggle with.

Cotton Mop is 100% ultra absorbent. It holds and carries solvents, lubes, and preservatives into your bore and chamber. Great for applying large quantities of modern copper solvents to fouled bores.

Double diameter chamber cleaning brushes (nylon, phosphor, and cotton types) feature stout bristles for reducing chamber and lug cleaning time. The brushes fit precisely into the chamber for complete coverage - just rotate and scrub to bust up any carbon or fouling.

All brush cores are made out of aluminum with its ends looped to eliminate the sharp cut ends and to hold the bristles strongly together. The studs are made out of quality durable brass. Markings on the brass indicate the caliber size it's compatible with for easy access and sorting.


Works with the following models/bores:

  • .22 Phoenix HPP22A Semi-Auto Pistol
  • .22 Henry Repeating Arms US Survival AR-7
  • .22 Mossberg 715 Tactical Semi Auto-Rifle
  • .22 CMMG Banshee 300
  • .22 American Tactical Imports GSG-16
  • .22 Heritage Rough Rider Revolver.
  • .243 Remington Rifles
  • .243 Legacy Rifles
  • .243 Savage Model Rifles
  • .243 Mossberg Patriot Rifles
  • .243 Sauer Model Rifles
  • .270 Winchester Model
  • .270 Savage 111
  • .270 Remington 700
  • .270 Weatherby Mark V
  • .30 Diamondback Firearm
  • .30 Ruger AR-556
  • .30 Bushmaster AR-15
  • .30 Del Ton Sport Mod
  • .30 Marlin 336W
  • and many others! 

Caliber listing:

  • .22 cal / .223 cal / 5.56mm (SKU #1899)
  • .243 cal / .25 cal / 6mm (SKU #1900)
  • .270 cal / .27 cal / 6.8mm (SKU #1901)
  • .30 cal / .30 cal / 7.62mm (SKU #1902)


  • Brushes are considered to be a consumable items, warranty is only for manufacturer defects and does not cover normal wear and tear from use of product.
  • Keep out of reach from children.
  • 100% Compatible with Original Manufacturer Equipment (OEM)
  • USA-based Brand. Includes a full Warranty and Customer Service.


  • The names Winchester, Remington, Savage, Weatherby, Mossberg, Sauer, Diamondback, and other brand rifles are used for the sole purpose of description and/or identification only. These names are copyrights of their respected owners. MaximalPower™ does not intend to infer any connection, affiliation and/or ownership between this company towards the gun brand companies.
Product Care

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