MaximalPower Dirt Devil Versa Power M083405 Vacuum Allergen Dust Cup Filter -F25

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Filters are designed to perfectly fit within the following upright vacuum models:

Dirt Devil Versa Power M083405 Vacuum Allergen Dust Cup Filter - Compatible Dirt Devil 2SV1102000, F25 Dust Cup Filter


Better exhaust air quality 
Simple to install 
Very durable 
Healthier lifestyle

The days of dusty air coming from your vacuum are over! We made sure to create the best vacuum filters we could by making sure they are very simple to use and of course we wanted to make sure it is extremely durable. Vacuum filters can be a dirty and dusty chore when you remember to replace them so we made sure we did our best to make the experience easier for you. You may notice cleaner air in your home. You may also notice sore cheeks from constantly smiling about your purchase!

  • Replacement Dirt Devil Versa Power M083405 Dust Cup Filter
  • Replaces Dirt Devil 2SV1102000, F25 Dust Cup Filter
  • Vacuuming with a high-efficiency filter cleans the air inside your house. Ideal for those who suffer from dust-related or allergic discomforts. Removes dirt, dust, and allergens while you vacuum to improve the air quality of your home.
  • Don't let dust and dirt accumulate inside the vacuum then spreading it around your house. Lengthen the life of your vacuum cleaner plus improve the effectiveness and suction of your vacuum by installing a new filter with the same great quality as the name brand but at an affordable price. Over time filters get clogged up with dirt impeding the airflow of the vacuum thus losing suction and performance. We recommend replacing your vacuum filters every 3 to 6 months for best performance.
  • Made to neutralize odors at the source, releases clean, odor-free air into your home as you vacuum. Breathe easier and feel refreshed by filtering the air inside your household leading to overall better health. Note: Please check your vacuum to make sure you are purchasing the correct parts. On Sale for a Limited Time!

This is a generic product designed and engineered in the United States by MaximalPower.