FC999 Mark I Battery Smart Charger w/ LCD Display For C/D/AA/AAA/9V/Ni-MH/Ni-CD Alk/RAM Batteries

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Reuse your rechargeable batteries and reduce landfill waste with MaximalPower's Universal Battery Smart Charger! With its independent battery docks, you can simultaneously charge 4 rechargeable batteries including an additional 9V Block Battery on the center that extends the batteries' life up to 30+ times of use. The battery station has a built-in LCD Display that indicates the current status of the charging process for all docks, with the bulb lights showing whether the battery is finished or still in the process of charging (Red = Charging, Green = Full). Batteries load into the unit by sliding the negative pole up and inserting the rechargeables in - positive pole side downwards, unless the size is snug to fit. Very quick and easy to use with no hassle. Not only will this be a convenient staple to your home to recharge all your batteries but it also prevents single-use batteries from flooding landfills and emitting recurrent gas emissions from mass manufacturing.  

Save time, money, energy, and the environment with this Universal Battery Smart Charger!  

How It Works: 

Chemical reactions within the battery cause electrons to be stripped away from the carbon electrode. Electrons will try to flow from a battery’s negative terminal to its positive one if allowed. As a battery is used this cell gets “disorganized” as Electrons get jumbled trying to make their way to the positive terminal, the Renu-It Pro “reorganizes” the internal structure of the battery cell allowing it to be reused up to 70 times!

For comparisons between the FC999 Charger Mark I, II & III, please see the comparison chart image

The FC999 has an easy to use, sliding spring-loaded negative pole, which makes inserting any type battery a breeze.

The FC999 can charge up to 4 batteries at a time.

With LCD and the 8-bit microprocessor, the FC999 employs advanced RISC architecture with integrated converters and multi-channel high-speed input/output ports to control the whole charge in real time.

Individual timers aid in overcharge protection, giving a complete intelligently controlled charging cycle.

The FC999 has both LED and LCD display so the status of each battery's charge cycle can be easily seen.

Recharges batteries in SINGLE or Group as the FC999 microprocessor monitors each charging bay individually

Product Care


Yes, AA, C, D trickle current is 130mA±50mA (charged 1s stop 8s PWM equivalent)
There is no trickle current in ALK switch.
AAA battery trickle current is 60mA±10mA (charged 1s stop 18s PWM equivalent)

Note: If there are the following cases, the trickle current is 60mA±10mA (1s stop 18s PWM equivalent)
a. If put into a fully charged battery;
b. Insufficient capacity battery (for example : AA2200 battery only 800mAH);
c. The voltage is too high (>1.4V);

IMPORTANT! If your non rechargeable batteries are over 1 year from first time use, please DO NOT charge them for more than 5 times. It may cause leaking or exploding.

When charging Alkaline, first, discard those that are already pasted the shelf life date and please don't wait until the battery is completely empty of energy then charge it, as this will not reach its maximum level. Instead, charge the battery when is 35% - 50% of energy left, this way, it will reach 100% when charged. The battery needs chemicals remaining within the battery for the charger to work with, if it's empty, there is nothing left for the charger to work with, this is the characteristic of the Non-rechargeable Alkaline battery and it's made very different from a rechargeable battery like the Li-ion.


If you notice corrosion building up on the battery terminals of your device, it's time to clean up the mess before your device gets damaged. Removing and disposing of batteries should always be done with safety as a priority, but thankfully cleaning up corrosion is quite simple. All you need is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar that can help remove the corrosion, safely and effectively. Spread a small amount of baking soda over the affected area and with a small brush, apply vinegar and wait for it to fizz to let it work its magic. Wipe it off with a clean, slightly damp cotton pad will clear out any residue and get the job done! Regularly taking the precautionary measure to clean battery corrosion can help ensure that your devices remain in excellent condition for years to come.


Alkaline batteries are marketed as single-use or disposable batteries, but they are not designed to be recharged and can cause dangerous situations if recharged. Manufacturers designed alkaline batteries to be bought and discharged completely, so a full recharge isn't possible. Recharging alkaline batteries is only possible 7-10 times, and there are inherent risks such as charging cycles going on and off with the possibility of battery leakage. Alkaline batteries are generally safe for recharging only 2-3 times as too much heat can build up if not done properly. We suggest getting lithium-ion batteries as they are designed to be recharged quickly and easily, and USB rechargeable batteries can be fully recharged within one to three hours. A smart USB design has been developed to combine the charger with a battery in a single unit, making it a better deal than attempting to recharge disposable alkaline batteries.


Type of Batteries Supported:
Alkaline (previously non-rechargeable)
RAM (Rechargeable Alkaline Manganese)
Ni-CD (Nickel Cadmium)
Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride)
Size of Batteries Supported:
AAA, AA, C, D, & 9V Block Battery
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