Replacement Foam Filter CF1, Progressive & Whispertone, Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners 86883

Filters are designed to perfectly fit within the following upright vacuum models:Replacement filter CF1 for Kenmore, Sears, Progressive. Whispertone, Panasonic Vacuum. Replace parts #86883, 86880, 20-86883, 2086883, 8175084. Also compatible with Kenmore 610461, CF1, Canada Part # 20-40321, Panasonic MCV9568, AC37KAKTZ000
Eliminate odors with this filter, transforming your home into a breathable oasis of clean, refreshed air. Enjoy improved well-being with air purification for a healthier environment.

Replacement foam filter CF1 for Kenmore Progressive, Whispertone & Panasonic Vacuum. Replace parts #86883, 86880, 2086883, 8175084

Live cleaner, breathe better! Why inhale dirty air from your home when you can replace your filter and enjoy a healthier quality of life? This filter helps your unit work better and last longer by eliminating dirt, dust, bad smells, and other undesirable particles.

Effortlessly Install - All it takes is replacing your old filter with this new one!

Cut your electric bill by replacing your air filter! When your air purifier's filter is dirty or blocked, it has to work harder, resulting in expensive bills!

Product Care

Please check your vacuum to make sure you are purchasing the correct parts

Replace filter every 4-6 months depending on usage for best performance


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