MaximalPower NON-OEM Whirlpool HEPA Purifier Filter + 4 PC Carbon Filter Whispure AP450 AP510

Air Filter


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MaximalPower NON-OEM Whirlpool Compatible HEPA Purifier Filter + Pre-Carbon Filters Fits Whispure Purifier Models AP450 AP510 (Whirlpool Filter + 4 Pre-Carbon Black Filters) 

Say goodbye to dust and allergens and hello to clean, filtered air!  

Ensure the optimal air quality in your home or office by replacing your air purifier's parts with new ones. This Whirlpool Replacement True HEPA Filter is a non-OEM product (not genuine Whirlpool product) but is specially designed to work just like a brand new stock product. 

This item is a fine-quality substitute and can capture 99.9 percent of the participles that are as small as 03 microns, including pollen, smoke, and dust. The four pre-carbon air purifier filter pack installs easily by simply snapping it in place with the unit. The pack of 4 pre-carbon filter is guaranteed to last for 1 year.

The air filter is compatible with specific Whirlpool purifier models listed below, so please be sure refer to the model guide and to check for compatibility before purchasing. 

Whirlpool Replacement True HEPA Filter compatibility:
  • Whispure Purifier Models AP450, AP510 
  • Replacement parts: #1183054, 1183054K, 1183054K Large 



  • Whirlpool HEPA Purifier Air Filter ONLY

  • Whirlpool HEPA Purifier Air Filter + 4 pcs Pre-Carbon Filter (Black)



  • NON-OEM REPLACEMENT | MaximalPower HEPA Air Purifier Filter is made of high quality material that can substitute for the genuine Whirlpool OEM Filter models at a cost-friendly price

  • QUALITY FILTERING | True HEPA that captures 99.7% of particles as small as 0.3 microns

  • CLEAN AIR | Can filter out dust, pollen, smoke and other types of allergens

  • SMART BUY | Includes 4 pre-carbon air purifier filters (1-year supply)

  • COMPATIBLE WITH WHIRLPOOL | Use this item with Whirlpool air purifier models AP450 and AP510