Speaker Microphone Lapel with 3.5mm Jack for Hytera 2-pin Two-Way Radios (RM HYT SM-108)


MaximalPower Speaker Microphone for Two-Way Radios Lapel for Hytera 2-PIn with 3.5mm Earphone Jack RM HYT SM-108. MaximalPower™ palm mic is tough and durable, transmitting crisp audio and featuring a push-to-talk switch, 3.5mm jack slot for an earpiece, and Kevlar-reinforced cable for extra length. The 1P54 material resists dust, water, vibration, and wind, while a rugged construction ensures smooth grip even with industrial gloves. 

Equipped with a 360 degrees swivel clip that prevents losing or dropping the radio mic. Excellent choice for professional use. Perfect for police/law enforcement, military, nightclubs, bar, paintball, security/bouncer duties, restaurants, hotels, bouncer, warehouses, party, construction sites, stage, studio, hunting, outdoor, and other high-noise traffic or extremely private environments. 

    Compatible with these two-way radios: 

    Hytera HYT models:

    • Hytera HYT PD700, PD700G, PD708, PD702G, PD780, PD780G, PD788, PD782, PD705, PD705G, PD785, PD785G, PD790Ex, PD702, PD752, PD752G, PD782G, PD792 Ex, PD982
    • PT580, PT580H , UL913, SM08M3, TC-500, TC-600, TC-610, TC-620, TC-700, TC-580, TC-518, TC-618


    Motorola jack walkie talkies:

    • Motorola CP100, CP110, CP125, CP150, CP185, CP200, CP200d, CLS1110, CLS1410
    • DLR1020, DLR1060, DTR410, DTR550, DTR650
    • RDU4100, RDU4160D, RDV5100, RDU2020, RDU2080D, RDV2020, RDV2080D
    • RMU2040, RMM2050, RMU2080, RMU2080D, RMV2080
    • MagOne BPR20, MagOne BPR40, PR400, VL50



    Clear and amplified voice and sound transmissions for audible conversations even in high noise environments or backgrounds

    High quality OEM alternative within budget

    360° rotational swivel clip for accessible latching on belts and shoulder bands

    Kevlar-built retractable coil cord

    Heavy duty polycarbonate casing

    Product Care

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