MaximalPower Stubby UHF 450-470mhz Radio Whip ANTENNA for Motorola CP200 PR400 Combo Pack

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New MaximalPower Replacement Radio Accessory: 

  • UHF 450-470 Mhz Radio Antenna (for Motorola)



  • Antenna Type: UHF
  • 450-470 Mhz
  • 100% compatible with original manufacturer equipment
  • SKU: #0471

Bundle listings available:

  • 5 Pack
  • 10 Pack

Works with:

  • Motorola AX/CP200/PR400 Series radios.
  • Compatible with Other Radios: 
    • GP68, GP88, GP88S, GP328, GP338, GP338 PLUS, GP2000, GP3688 
    • GP140, GP280, GP300,  GP320, GP330, GP340, GP344
    • GP360, GP380, GP388, GP640, GP680, GP1280
    • HT10, HT50, HT600, HT750,HT1250, HT1250-ls, HT1550
    • CT150,CT250, CT450 
    • CP040,CP140, CP150,CP160,CP180, CP185CP200 
    • EX500, EX600
    • EP350, EP450
    • PR400, PR860   
    • PTX600, PTX700, PTX760, PTX760PLUS
    • SP50, SP10, P10, P50, P100, P110, P200, P210, P1225 
    • PRO1150, PRO2150, PRO3150, PRO5150, PRO7150


  • USA based brand  includes a full warranty and customer service.

    • The names Motorola and AX/CP200/PR400 are used for the sole purpose of description and/or identification only. These names are copyrights of their respected owners. MaximalPower does not intended to infer any connection, affiliation, and/or ownership between MaximalPower and any other company.